Nerd/Geek themed subscription boxes are a dime a dozen. We at Nerd Bastards have received and reviewed them all. But our favorite, without question, is Geek Fuel. They’re simply the best… “better than all the rest” (sorry, Tina Turner song reference, couldn’t be helped). If you’ve seen our past reviews of this marvelous subscription service and have yet to be impressed – or if this is your first time being introduced to Geek Fuel – then let this, their February Box, be a testament to their glory.  Just what about this particular box that makes it so great? In a word: Deadpool(more…)

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 10.56.24 PM

We here at Nerd Bastards have received and reviewed practically every geek box subscription service there is – LootCrate, NerdBlock, Power Up Box, Marvel Collector Corps – we’ve seen em’ all. They all have their merits, with some offering better items than others. Anyone of those geek box services are worth a try. However, we simply must tell you about Geek Fuel. We got our hands on their October Subscription Box, and it was truly the one time when we we’re completely won over with all of the contents in a geek-themed subscription box.

What lay in this box that won us over? Head on past the jump and for the reveals. (more…)