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It was only a matter of time once the first George Ramero Zombie classic Night of the Living Dead got the Reboot / Re-telling treatment in 1990 with horror favorite Tom Savini directing. Dawn of the Dead with Vin Rhames was next and now Millenium Films has hired director Mark Tonderai to take on re-vamping the third in the franchise, Day of the Dead. (more…)


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I suppose these announcements should come with warnings, especially with the frequency with which we end up having to cover them.

Nerds and Lady Nerds… we have another remake on our hands.

The producers of Texas Chainsaw 3D, Lati Grobman and Christa Campbell, have gotten their paws on the rights to George Romero‘s Day of the Dead.  And they’re going to butcher it make a remake.  Why? The only explanation is being too lazy to come up with their own idea and capitalizing on the success of something that is already successful and destroying it to rake in the dollars.  And doing that throwing about $10-20 million at producing it and expecting to break even and get a good return.  Makes perfect sense to me.  We won’t even touch on the fact that this movie’s already been remade not that long ago.

According to Campbell’s interview with the LA Times:

“Zombie movies are really popular right now, and we feel we could do this right.”

Implicit in that statement is that it wasn’t done right the first time.  Or the second time.  They certainly have a lot that they need to prove.

Grobman said she and Campbell wanted to prove that “Texas Chainsaw 3D” was not a fluke. “Everybody in town was claiming they were behind its success,” she said. “We wanted to show that we didn’t just get lucky. It was a very calculated production.”

And she says it straight.  Except Texas Chainsaw 3D wasn’t that good, from what I hear.  (Even the concept doesn’t interest me.)

“We want to keep it as close to the Romero version as possible to make sure that his fans are happy. These are not going to be zombies climbing walls and doing back flips like in ‘World War Z.'”

Right.  Anyway.  They’re thinking of releasing it next year, which also does say much about them taking the time to create a quality movie; it’s more that they want to churn it out as fast as possible before the zombie phase slowly rolls itself out.

Source: Geek Tyrant, LA Times