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Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters is not a film most fans of the property want or even asked for. Its a new film for a new generation, which has been getting a flood of complaints and hate all around. Fans are very much against it, for reasons such as poor casting and flat comedy. The biggest lamentation, though, is that this new movie has no connection with the original 2 Ghosbusters, it’s a reboot in every conceivable way. This has been a kick in the groin to those who have been publicly demanding a Ghostbusters 3 since the late 80s. And there were many attempts, many scripts and what not to see a 3rd film made.  However, creators and cast could come together and agree on a final product. This is what lead to this updated version coming from Paul Feig and Sony Pictures. Now with Harold Ramis gone and Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson being up there in age, an actual Ghostbusters 3 is likely to never happen. But…we can see what a 3rd film could have looked like, thanks to the wonders of technology and the efforts of one fan. (more…)

DVD Tuesday 8/3/10


Yeah folks, it’s already August and also a Tuesday, which means one thing, DVD Tuesday. We here at NerdBastards list what came out and recommend if it’s either a BUY, RENT, or a PASS. We got a STACKED Old Is New Again section (13 of them to be exact) and the TV Show DVD. Anime Pick and the LOL/WTF Release is on hiatus this week. So what you waiting, check after the break to see what came out and see if there is anything you want. (more…)