Love or hate it, Game of Thrones is a phenomenon. Few shows in history can boast being this big. Even its mistakes become media controlling phenomenon. All shows have a few slip-ups here and there. You’d expect that from a show with as many moving parts as Game of Thrones. But last week’s coffee cup scandal had people in a tizzy. Seeing a blatant piece of the modern world in their medieval fantasy made some folks lose their minds. This certainly couldn’t be the only time a goof like this has happened on the show, so… why the fuss?



Here’s something that has bad idea written all over it, but it’s being developed regardless. Nearly 25 years after its theatrical release, Paramount is talking about bringing Ghost to the small screen in a new series. Yes, that Ghost. The one with Patrick Swayze, pot making, the Righteous Brothers, and Academy Award winning acting by Whoopi Goldberg. (more…)


Who here remembers the Star Wars kid? Well, it seems like the folks from Beat Down Boogie did as they made this clip in order to entertain there fans. If you haven’t heard of them, they are behind the Modern War Gear Solid videos, which follows the epic adventure of Metal Gear Solid’s Snake and Moder Warfare’s Ghost. While Snake was busy being the keyboard cat, I think seeing Ghost spinning around and showing off his staff/beat stick skill is quite hilarious. Check the video out and give Beat Down Boogie a chance by going to their site.

Source: Dorkly, Beat Down Boogie’s Blog

The Many Faces of COD’s Ghost


That’s right. Its Unofficial. Who’s the most badass guy in Modern Warfare? Soap? Fuck no. The quiet and reserved beast GHOST.¬† Well¬† now you can look like him with his signature skull skully while you sit and play COD…Or rob a convenient store. There is a multi colored set, but you’d be a dumbass to buy anything other than white. For order info, hit it here. Via Unreality.