Ask any 30-something what the best part of growing up was, and you will probably be regaled with stories of waking up on Saturday mornings, going to the kitchen and making a big bowl of cereal, grabbing your blanket and plopping yourself down in front of the TV to catch the latest offering of He-Man or Transformers. If you stick around long enough you may hear tales of a delicious green Orange-Tangerine flavored nectar, a drink whispered of in legend and now long forgotten to time. I speak of course of the amazing Ecto Cooler. But now, that legend is back…well sorta.

This famous drink is now in alcoholic form at The Quarters Bar Yes, the childhood staple has now been boozed up. Yes, please!  (more…)

RedLetterMedia’s Harry S. Plinkett (Mike Stoklasa) is back with an in-depth look at Paul Feig‘s Ghostbusters from the comfort of his basement lounge chair. Plinkett catapulted to Internet phenomenon with the Star Wars Prequel reviews that captured millions of views on YouTube. He’s ready to tear into Ghostbusters with the same fire and fury, check it out below. (more…)

Ivan Reitman Teases New Ghostbusters Film in 2019 During San Diego Comic-Con Panel

Ghostbusters fans always seem to be on a bit of an emotional roller coaster when it comes to news about the franchise preparing to mount another comeback, I know this because I am one. For every The Real Ghostbusters we get, an Extreme Ghostbusters comes along.  I would mention the 2016 Paul Feig directed film but I fear for many it is still a touchy subject. Projects  suddenly appear and then fade out like an ethereal phantom in the wind… ectoplasm in rain… *dramatic pause*

Well fans, please remember to keep your hands inside the cart at all times ’cause this roller coaster is about to get going all over agian. Director of the original two films (and producer of the 2016 reboot,) Ivan Reitman,  teased a few Ghostbusters related tidbits at San Diego Comic-Con this year, (more…)

Last year’s Ghostbusters reboot was not a critical or commercial success, which is likely the reason the studio has opted out of doing a sequel anytime soon. The film’s poor performance has also destroyed any chances of spinoff films, which were initially planned. It seems the all-female driven run of the popular ’80s franchise wasn’t up to par and co-writer/executive producer/original star Dan Aykroyd has come out swinging for director Paul Feig.


Sony tried to reintroduce The Ghostbusters with the all-female lead reboot in 2016. It came. It saw. It got its asked kicked. The film got panned by critics and audiences alike (and that’s putting it gently). Regardless of the specious online hate for it, and whatever online trolls would have you believe, the film didn’t perform that badly at the the Box Office (hey, some people liked it. Particularly younger audiences). The reboot brought in $229 million worldwide against a production budget of $144 million. It wasn’t the sure-fire runaway hit that Sony thought it would be but it wasn’t a dramatic loss either. Still, the less than stellar numbers did put the viability of the brand in question. Will there be a sequel? What’s next for the brand?

Creator and custodian Ivan Reitman seems to be all puppies and rainbows when it comes to the future of Ghostbusters. According to him, there is action on an animated movie, and there are multiple live-action films in development, as well as some development in VR gaming. (more…)


Despite being one of the most talked about movies of 2016, it seems rather unlikely that we’ll see a sequel to the remade Ghostbusters from Paul Feig. The exact status of the franchise is in questions with Feig himself previously confirming no involvement on his part, while producer Ivan Reitman says that there are plenty of future Ghostbusters movies still in development. What they are and when they might come out, we don’t know, but how about something more immediate? For those of you that wanted more of a shared universe feel between the two Ghostbusters teams, you’re in luck because IDW is bringing it to you, in comic form. (more…)


You’ll recall that this past summer’s Ghostbusters movie opened with the company logo “Ghost Corps”, which featured the Ghostbusters logo and signaled the idea that where there was one Ghostbusters movie, there will be more. That notion seemed somewhat dismissed with the less than stellar box office and fan reaction to the Paul Feig film, and apropos Feig himself said last week that there are no further Ghostbusters films in the works. But hold on, says the man that launched this whole Ghostbusters thing in the first place, just because there may be no further films following up on Feig’s doesn’t mean there will be no further Ghostbusters movies.  (more…)


They ain’t afraid of no ghosts, but it looks like the makers of the 2016 Ghostbusters movie reboot may be afraid of a sequel. The film’s director Paul Feig admitted in an interview with Den of Geek that a Ghostbusters sequel is currently looking rather unlikely to happen. The movie didn’t exactly do horrendously at the worldwide box office, with figures in the multi-millions, but apparently Sony had expected it to do better, requiring the film to reach a total of $300 million to actually make up for production costs – which it did not do.



This past week, Ghostbusters unceremoniously landed on Blu-ray and DVD, where the redheaded step monster of cinema now currently sits at the top of the rental charts of both Rotten Tomatoes and iTunes. Online it seems like the toxic and vitriolic welcoming party that the film received this past summer has largely dispersed. Perhaps the haters feel like their job is done, perhaps the heat of summer has given way to the cooler clarity of fall, or perhaps the goggles have come off and people are prepared to admit that Paul Feig‘s Ghostbusters isn’t a monster out to destroy their innocence. Speaking for myself, I know that I still like it. (more…)


Wading through the critcism of the 2016 sort-of-remake-sort-of-reboot-not-really-sequel to Ghostbusters is the kind of project that takes a real pro to tackle head on. Especially if you want it done right. Between the people who refuse to embrace change and the stuff that is purely sexist vitriol, it has become a herculean feat to figure out what people genuinely like or dislike about the movie when they sit down to watch it and critique it in its own right. That is, when people manage to find it in themselves to ignore the drama. (more…)