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The Poltergeist reboot, produced by Sam Raimi has released the movie poster and a teaser trailer yesterday. We’ve got our hands on an early copy of the full trailer expected out today… but it’s in French. That won’t stop you from forming rock solid opinions on whether Raimi’s reboot can hold a candle to Tobe Hooper‘s incredible original. Take a look and make up your mind Internet. (more…)


This time on The BastardCast, Jason and Jeremy discuss the world of the psychic and supernatural while also investigating the world of ghost dating. Also, the pain and gain of bad boys trying to throw an air conditioner at Michael Bay, crack addled mice, the mustache hall of fame, bacon and your bits, and President Terminator and Vice President Dennis Rodman. (more…)

If we can be honest, we’re friends right? We watched the 3 minute short that Guillermo del Toro’s latest production is based on, in the middle of the day, in a room with other people and still we wanted to shit our pants. Later that night one of us wanted to sleep with our Superman night light on, but was in fact, to afraid to get out of bed and turn it on. On to the news…

Universal has released 4 clips to ShockTillYouDrop.Com of the latest supernatural thriller Mama. The film stars Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty) and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. The Film tells the disturbing tale of two sisters that disappeared into the woods on the day their mother was murdered. 5 years later when they were adopted by their father’s brother the new family is alarmed to find that someone or something still desires to tuck them in at night. Enjoy the clips below (but leave the lights on!)

We know what’s under the bed, but we don’t want to look…

Sources: ComingSoon, ShockTillYouDrop


Have you watched “Being Human“? No, not the original British one. I’m talking the new, revised, American version on SyFy Channel? Shiiiiiiiiiiit! The revamp is just as good as the original, if not better (matter of opinion). If you’re out of the loop, here’s how it goes. A werewolf, a vampire and a ghost cohabitate and try their darnedest to live and act like “normal people”. “Being Human” is harder than it looks.

Now, I never thought this show -which sounded like set-up for a bad joke- would be so astoundingly relatable. Oddly enough, it poignantly examines the human condition via super natural characters and their connections, or lack there of, with the world. Lust, despair, anger, anguish, reluctance, remorse and other underlying tones are prominent. Can I love? Can anyone love me? Why am I this way? I just want to feel/be normal. Basically, we’re talking Emo Sci-Fi. It’s good stuff. Besides emotionally besieged characters, the topics are heavy and complex. It forces you to ask difficult questions, such as what constitutes a Monster?

Suffice the say, the show is charming, in a dark, sardonic way.

Anyway, the strangest set of roommates ever—vampire Aidan (Sam Witwer), werewolf Josh (Sam Huntington) and ghost Sally (Meaghan Rath)—will continue trying to live normal lives (or afterlives) in a Boston brownstone, because Syfy announced today that the hit series will be back for a second season.

A Snippet from SyFy press release:

New York, NY – March 17, 2011 – Syfy is ordering a second season of its new hit drama series Being Human, it was announced today by Mark Stern President of Original Content, Syfy and Co-Head of Original Content, Universal Cable Productions. Since the show’s January 17 launch, premiere episodes of Being Human have averaged 1.8 million viewers making it Syfy’s most successful winter season scripted series launch in 6 years.

I for one am thrilled that SyFy will be able to keep this amazing series on a Network that seems to be doing everything it can to euthanize itself. I’m still mad about Caprica and Stargate Universe.

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Pac-Man is just one of those videogames that everyone has played and everyone, regardless of age, enjoys. It is part of pop-culture that has survive for over 30 years (not many games can say that)!

At the recent Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, the creator of Pac-Man, Toru Iwatani, let slip five things about the 30 year old game that most people never really knew (via YahooGames).

1) The point of the game was to attract girls

“The reason I created Pac-Man was because we wanted to attract female gamers,” he says. “Back then, there were no home games. People had to go to the arcade center to play games. That was a playground for boys. It was dirty and smelly. So we wanted to include female players, so it would become cleaner and brighter.”

2) Every ghost had specific orders of what to do

Instead, it’s only Blinky, the red ghost, who doggedly pursues you throughout the game. Pinky, the pink ghost (naturally), simply wants to position itself at a point that’s 32 pixels in front of Pac-Man‘s mouth.  The blue ghost, Inky, is seeking to position itself at a similar fixed spot. And Clyde, the orange ghost, moves completely at random.

3) What does Pac-Man even mean?

In Japanese, “puck puck” is akin to the U.S. saying “munch munch”. So the original name – Puck-Man – translated as “Munch man”. (A savvy Midway Games official changed it to Pac-Man when the game hit the U.S. to discourage vandals from shaving off part of the “P,” thereby creating an obscene word.)

4) The missing piece of the game

“I wanted to have a shelter and it would move up and down,” he says. “When the ghost comes, the ghost would be pinched by the shelter which would disfigure the ghost.”

5) The ghosts were almost all one color

The president of Namco ordered him to make the ghosts a single color – red, to be precise – since she believed players would be confused that some ghosts, perhaps, were Pac-Man‘s ally.

Iwatani refused the order and on questionnaires to the game’s testers, asked if they would prefer a single color ghost or four. Not a single person wanted the single-color option. That ultimately convinced the president she was wrong.

I must say, I am glad the game stayed exactly how it was! So many of the aspects of the game, such as the deceptively simplistic designs and the different colored ghosts, will always be associated with Pac-Man for me.

After all, how can you be angry when the games villains are ghosts named Inky, Binky, Pinky and Clyde?


Those that haven’t watched BBC’s Being Human or it’s North American cousin of the same name don’t know what their missing. The dramatic series of a Vampire, Werewolf, and a Ghost living together under one roof screams porno, but instead is a cultural hit. Last night, the Red Button service on BBC3 delivered an interesting postscript to the new episode of the original British version. A character introduced in the new series, the forty-six year old vampire Adam, trapped in an unaging fourteen year old body, got his own spin-off series. Set in a high school, with matching werewolf and ghost to boot, Becoming Human is a more teenage look at life for the supernatural.

Tests, girls and being dead, just what you need before finals. With these characters being so young however it’s highly debatable as to weither or not the show will be as adult as it’s Senior series.

It’s on the BBC website, which means its region locked and we can’t watch it. Thankfully, that’s where Youtube comes in to save the  day.

Watch it while you can:

Just when you though highschool couldn’t get any worse, a trio of supernatural beings moves in.

Via: Bleeding Cool

Being Human Premiered. Did You Catch It?


Episode #1.1- There Goes The Neighborhood: Part I

The Syfy channel has done a reboot of the hit UK show Being Human.  Being that it is chock full of vampires, werewolves and ghosts, we here at NB just had to give it a try and review it for you, our nerdy fans.  The show centers around three characters; Aidan, Josh and Sally who are a vampire, werewolf and ghost, respectively.  They all live in a house in Boston and the premise is that the vampire and the werewolf just want to try and lead as normal a life as possible.  In other words, they’re trying out Being Humans.  Ha, get it? Let’s delve right in, shall we?

First off, there were many problems following the lore of these creatures.  This lore is seeped in tradition and history and yet writers keep FUCKING with it.  Firstly, Aidan the vampire is out during the day time.  He is very pale, (and always seems to be sweaty…) yet doesn’t seem to shrink away from the light of the sun at all.  Then we have the ghost, Sally.  Somehow this ghost manages to cast a shadow, so that calls attention to shitty editing, or shitty attention to detail.  Josh the werewolf seems spot on for now, but we’ll wait and see just how many nights a month he turns into his hairy alter-ego before coming to a final decision on if they’ve screwed with that creature of the night too much or not.

That being said, the first episode delivered well from an acting standpoint.  Aidan is being played by Sam Witwer who has some nerd cred in his resume.  He has appeared on both Angel and Dexter, as well as being the voice/face of Starkiller from the video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. (I and II) Nice acting history!  Witwer had to have taken some pointers from David Boreanaz because he captured the broody, soul-heavy vampire bit perfectly.  He doesn’t want to kill, he wants to be good, etc. He’s a nurse in a hospital and appears to be living off of blood bank reserves.

Aidan is friends with Josh, who also works in a hospital.  Josh is played by Sam Huntington who also has a nerdy past, having played Jimmy Olsen in Superman Returns.  Josh was a pre-med student until he dropped out due to extreme hairiness.  He turned into a werewolf.  No word yet on how he got that way, but a run-in with his sister shows the viewers that he abandoned his human life abruptly, leaving his family behind with only a note that said ‘Don’t worry about me.’

Aidan and Josh decide they are tired of living like creatures of the night, so they want to try and be more human, capture back the lives they’ve lost and just settle down a bit.  They decide to do this by getting a house.  Upon moving in they discover the house is haunted by the ghost of Sally, played by Meaghan Rath (From 10.5: Apocalypse and 18 To Life).  Sally is the fiancee of the landlord who owns the house, and she wants to try and move on so she can leave the house she is currently stuck in.

The drama, besides the obvious supernatural drama, comes in undercurrents.  Aidan is being all but stalked by his sire, Bishop (Mark Pellegrino also from Dexter, and also the TV series Supernatural), who seems to want nothing more than to have Aidan join his ranks again.  Aidan apparently wants no part of this, so no doubt we will learn about the seedy underbelly of Bishop’s little coven later in the season.  Josh’s side drama is that his sister has found him and is both hurt and angry that her brother just disappeared on the family and wants an explanation.  Sally misses her fiancee and wants to see him again before she moves on, which seems to be unlikely as the landlord Danny doesn’t seem to want to go into the house where she died.

The series opener shows enough about the characters to explain why everything is the way it is, but leaves enough out so that it makes you curious to see what is on the horizon for the three main night-dwellers.  We are left with a cliffhanger of Josh locked in a room with his sister about to transform into a werewolf, and Aidan at Bishop’s sexy coven house drinking from a pretty blood doll.  Was the blood drugged?  Will Josh harm his sister in his wolfy form?  We’ll have to wait a week to find out.

Will we continue watching?  The damned vampire didn’t sparkle, so I’m in for another week at least to see where this heads.  Let’s hope it goes somewhere good.  3 out of 5…so far.

“Paranormal Activity” was full of some freaky stuff — blankets blew off the bed, a girl sleep-stared at her boyfriend, and things caught on fire for no reason. However, the movie actually should have been longer than it was. Thanks to, we’ve got the deleted scenes for you. You’ll see that ghosts not only go bump in the night, but they go “Unh, unh, unh, unnnhhhhh” in the night, too.