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As we’ve reported earlier, Deadpool is absolutely demolishing records at the Box Office. In addition to having the highest opening day for an R-rated movie, Deadpool is additionally set to have one of the biggest opening weekends for a superhero movie in general. Tom Rothman must be having one hell of a temper tantrum. More importantly, it got an A on Cinemascore, insuring that it won’t be as front-loaded as some people expected. It’s pretty clear that audiences ate up every scene like a freshly-made chimichanga, and why shouldn’t they? There are so many memorable moments to chose from in the Merc with a Mouth’s big movie that it’s hard to keep track of all of them. So here are some of our favorite scenes. (more…)


Production on Wham! will begin soon, and by Wham! we mean Deadpool. (If you don’t understand the reference, we refer you to this article.) While the leading man of the film has been confirmed for some time, Ryan Ryenolds, the rest of the cast, not to mention the parts that they’re going to play, remains a question mark. Well, sort of. A new casting call reveals, if not the actual identities of the characters then what types of actors they are looking to play them. So who will be joining Deadpool in what’s sure to be a bloody and violent (rating pending) big screen adventure full of meta-commentary and other laughs? (more…)


Rob Liefeld is coming to SDCC 2013 to push his latest project, re-vamping AVENGELYNE for the big screen. Liefeld’s teamed up with MMA fighter Gina Carano (Fast & Furious 6), to star as AVENGELYNE and help get the ball rolling with a Saturday appearance and poster signing event at SDCC. Once the poster works its way online or one of our on site reporters get their hands on one, we’ll bring it to you here.

The poster features Liefeld’s first drawn images of Carano as AVENGELYNE. For those of you asking, “Who’s AVENGELYNE?” here’s the character’s wiki-bio:

Avengelyne was the most feared warrior in Heaven’s Warhost, having single-handedly broken into Pandemonium, the outer fortress of Hell, to confront the Devil himself. She is a fallen angel, banished from Heaven by God after being tricked into questioning his love for humans. Avengelyne was stripped of all her angelic abilities, other than her great strength and her blood, which, once extracted from her body, could be used as a weapon or a miracle once empowered by quoting verses from the Bible. Although he appeared truly angry, God was trying to prepare Avengelyne for a coming war for which she would need to be strengthened.

Keeping her faith in the Lord even on Earth, Avengelyne began to fight the demons she found while there. Eventually, one of her enemies, the demon lord B’Liale, sent a demon, Kyle Wagner, to seduce Avengelyne and father a powerful demon child. God sent Passover, the Angel of Death, to kill Avengelyne for her involvement, but the child, Magog, was born prior to the angel’s arrival, and so together Passover and Avengelyne drove the demon-spawn away.

Seeing her devotion to him was still strong, God allowed Avengelyne to live, and she still fights demons on Earth. Eventually, when Armageddon occurs, Avengelyne will lead Heaven’s Warhost, with Passover as her second-in-command.

The movie, or movies if the first one gets made and actually makes some money, would tell the tale of the fallen angel AVENGELYNE and her mission to protect the “One” person on Earth that holds the key to saving mankind from demons and other such nasty creatures.

Although there is no writer or director attached to the project yet, producers  Scott Karp and Brooklyn Weaver (Out of the Furnace) are on board with Liefeld and Carano to package and produce the AVENGELYNE project. The search for a writer to adapt Liefeld’s comic to the big screen is scheduled to begin next week after Saturday’s event.

Would you but a ticket to see AVENGELYNE? It smacks of straight to DVD or SyFy channel to me. There are people likening this to the Underworld franchise starring Kate Beckinsale, but I can’t even start to think of this reaching anywhere near that level of attention or fan base. Carano is on her way, but hasn’t yet reached Beckinsale’s level of popularity before she started the first Underworld movie.

Seriously, we can’t even get a Deadpool movie to the big screen, arguably Liefeld’s greatest creation, and now this is thrown into the Hollywood mix. We’ll have to keep our eyes on this one and see if it’s got the gas to make it.

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Things seem to be moving swiftly with Adi Shankar and 1984 Private Defense Contractors‘ all-female spin-off of The Expendables as Variety is reporting Katee Sackoff (Battlestar Galatica) has joined the production. She and Gina Carano are the only two ladies we know of thus far but the article adds, “several prominent actresses affiliated with the action genre continue to circle the project,” so expect more casting announcements soon.

Shankar told Variety,

If you spend five minutes with Katee it becomes blatantly obvious that she would pwn (sic) most male action stars.

And I believe anyone who’s familiar with Sackoff as Starbuck would wholeheartedly agree.

So far no director has been attached to the project and it seems strange to have prominent actresses signing on for a picture they don’t know who’s directing yet. Maybe a directer has been chosen but for whatever reason they’ve chosen not to make it public. Who would you like to see direct this flick? Would it benefit from also have a woman director?

We cast our own version of an all-female Expendables a few months back, and sadly, none of our casting choices have yet made the cut. But there’s still time! Though it appears this movie isn’t looking to bring back older action stars like they do in The Expendables franchise for men, but rather choosing younger woman associated with the genre. Which I’m completely cool with and am now excited to hear who they announce next! No longer am I expecting Sigourney Weaver or Linda Hamilton to play large roles, but I hope they at least are given good cameos.

What do you think of the team they’re assembling for the all-female Expendables?

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You know you enjoyed my choice of photo for this post and that at this point, you don’t even care what the post is about. That’s fine. You’re welcome. Adi Shankar‘s company 1984 Private Defense Contractors is putting together an untitled film that is essentially the female version of The Expendables.  They’re in the process of putting together suitable female actors for the film. Gina Carano, of MMA and Haywirerenown, is confirmed as having been the first to sign on for this project.  According to Shankar, casting her was pretty easy:

I don’t know how I’m supposed to make a movie that is supposed to be the female version of ‘The Expendables’ without Gina Carano in it. It would be like making Twix without caramel or Jamba Juice without jamba.

Sounds about right.  What do you guys think of this casting decision and of this project in general?

Source: Variety