Ginny Weasley


For many fans, the epilogue of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows left them wanting more. Sure, it was a sweet moment to see Harry, Ron, and Hermione sending their children off to Hogwarts, but it didn’t provide much about what their adult lives were like. Enter Pottermore, the online community/digital library where author J.K. Rowling has been providing new information about her acclaimed wizarding series. Her latest updates detail the ongoing 427th Quidditch World Cup with reports from The Daily Prophet‘s own Ginny Potter (née Weasley)! (more…)

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Na na na na na na na na, Batgirls! – Well, one Batgirl and a Robin anyways, but a single Stephanie Brown. We here at Nerd Bastards HQ love the work of Lynne Yoshii, having featured her here several times before, but featuring the former Spoiler turned third Batgirl with her past self is pretty damn cool. When your originally a three-issue deal and you become one of the biggest female characters in comics you know your doing something right. [Comics Alliance]

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