*Update – Congratulations to our winner Heather Sebastian!!! Stay tuned because there are more great giveaways from NerdBastards and Entertainment Earth on the way!

We’re back with another great giveaway contest with Entertainment Earth! This time around we’ve got the man himself, Rick Grimes in all his ten inch deluxe action figure The Walking Dead glory! So simple and easy to enter, Don’t you like winning cool swag? Get in there! (more…)


Transformers: Age of Extinction is out this week and with it, viewers are in store for more of “tough guys acting tough, hot girls being hot, giant robots fighting, and stuff blowing up real good” (a line taken from our recent Review, which you should check out). It also means, a barrage of new toys and collectibles. There can’t be a new Transformers movie and there not be another assortment of transforming plastic play things for kids and young adults to enjoy. The cynics out there will undoubtedly roll their eyes at the overwhelming and sometimes unnecessary slew of merchandise, but when it comes to HASBRO toys, you cannot argue that they make options for every type of fans – from the adult collector, easy to please idyllic youths and everyone in between.

With the release of the film, HASBRO has been kind enough to send us a sampling of their latest Transformers toy offerings. Its to serve as a preview of  their wide array of new products, which like I said, are meant for varied age groups and interest levels. You can check photos and descriptions below. More importantly, however, we’re giving you the chance to WIN the whole kit and caboodle! 12 items valued at over $200! All yours!



In salute to the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier  (a damn fine movie btw, be sure to read our review HERE), Nerd Bastards is hosting a ultimate fan pack giveaway extravaganza.

Short of taking a super solider serum, your best chance to be Captain America is to conduct yourself with his boy scout spirit… and to dress the part. You take care of the first half and we got the rest covered. We have the gear to make you a terror to spies and saboteurs. We’re giving away a cosplay hoodie, a Cap shield replica, Battle Helmet, Collectible Action Figure, as well as an exclusive Captain America: The Winter Solider IMAX Poster (*see full information below).  That’s 5 items worth over $100. All courtesy of  and Hasbro Toys. There’s so much red, white and blue here, you’ll think you’re Uncle Sam’s sock puppet. (more…)