It’s been 30 years since Gremlins came into theaters. Having style, charm, originality and humor to spare, this film was among the top echelon of movies from the glorious ’80’s. With Gizmo in our hearts, flawed rules to follow, and humorous but equally terrifying ill tempered satanic spawns, Gremlins has forever cemented itself as a staple in popular culture.

So what does Hollywood want to do? Reboot it, of course! And just to throw salt in the wound, a Goosebumps writer has been pegged to scribe it. (more…)

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ABOVE: Gizmo is one of the cutest Sci-Fi creatures of all time, no doubt. In pumpkin form, however, not so much.  [Villafanestudios]


Gizmo Getting High (probably why will never see a Gremilins 3)

gizmohigh(Post by nerdbastards contributor Nick Bungay- Twitter @NickBungay)

If you’ve ever seen ‘Gremlins’ (and who hasn’t) then you know who Gizmo is. The little white and brown hero of the aforementioned film series has been busted, on film, smoking the bambalacha. Little Gizmo, in this nearly three minute video gets high, watches tv and nearly burns himself by falling asleep with his boom in his hand. He even runs Stripe (Gremlins main badass) over in his pink convertible. So, not only are you watching Gizmo’s evidence for when he gets arrested, your also watching him get involved in a hit and run. That fuzzy criminal.

At least his owner makes sure he’s ok at the end of the video. After such a long session of “puff, puff, pass” Gizmo has more than real glass eyes. Just as long as he doesn’t make a munchie run after midnight, they should be in the clear. Take a look for yourself at the cutest smoker you’ll ever see, just don’t splash him with water if he falls asleep. All you doing is making more smoking buddies you have to supply to (just means more business).

Via: Topless Robot

The 10 Cutest Creatures of Sci-Fi


Editors Note: We were supposed to have a new ‘List’ for you today but after an all nighter full or drinking and watching a marathon of “Golden Girls” (Betty White is so hot!) we plum forgot. While we sober up, please enjoy a list from our vault. It’s one of our favorites.

The majority of Sci-Fi/Fantasy films feature, for the most part the ugliest of uglies in the creature department. What with the Aliens, the Predators and the Linda Hamilton’s (ugly as fuck in both T1, T2 and that Beauty and the Beast T.V. show). However on rare occasion one will encounter, in often glorious fashion a cute, cuddly and friendly creature that makes you go “Awww I want one” or on some cases want to share a brewski with.

You know Em’, you love Em’ here are the top 10 cutest creatures of Sci-Fi.