Glenn Mazzara


AMC‘s hit series The Walking Dead was the catalyst into bringing a deluge of zombies into Nerd culture. Sure, we had zombie remixes of classical fiction before that and the occasional iconic zombie social commentary film every now and again, but it never got all that much out of hand, right? Whether you blame the series’ tightly written, well-directed first season for this plague of walkers, shamblers, biters, or nibblers, you have to admit that Season 2 was… less stellar. Borderline Little House on the Prairie minus the occasional plague, considering that it happened right after the series’ creator was laid off by the network.

So what caused Frank Darabont’s lay-off? What drove AMC to pursue a less-stellar, lower-budget series and drive such a wedge into what is (most arguably) its most successful venture yet? NerdBastards dug deep and hard and we think we finally have the answer.



It seems like the horror genre is picking up lately. The number of horror films being released looks to be about the same as always, but the television airwaves are seeing a marked influx of old horror properties being adapted and adopted to a new, small screen-based audience. We have The Walking Dead, Hannibal, Bates Motel and even Rosemary’s Baby already converted to television format. So what’s next? Why, the story of Satan’s child, of course! Brace yourselves, for The Omen is coming. (more…)