Goblin King


In an age where thousands of films are produced per year, it is sometimes difficult to imagine the many that barely scratch the surface of popular culture.  Plenty of others have their moment in the spotlight and then disappear.  Only the rare few can truly stand the test of time.  David Bowie’s Labyrinth is one of those special few.  But what makes the 1986 cult classic so well-loved that not only one generation, but now three, call it a favorite?  Why is this film so different from the Hollywood standard?  It’s not just nostalgia for a time before CGI, and it’s not just because a legend passed and so many want to remember him.  It’s so much more than that. (more…)


Just when you thought it was safe to let your baby brother take a nap, news has come out that the Goblin King will be back on the big screen! That’s right, Labyrinth is getting a sequel from the only people in the world that could do it justice, the Jim Henson Company. Variety buried this golden sequel nugget at the bottom of an announcement concerning Billy Crystal‘s involvement in another Henson project, Which Witch. (more…)

You would imagine that by now the most recent issue of Empire featuring a bevy of Hobbit goodness would have been picked clean. Well, it has, but you may not have seen all it had to offer. The diligent folks at CBM have found more images scanned in from the magazine for us to check out. Featured here is the best look yet the Goblin King – grotesque lookin’ guy, isn’t he? – and new shots of Radagast (Sylvestor McCoy), Galadriel (Cate Blanchet), and more.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey release not soon enough, on December 14th.

Source: Geek Tyrant

Y’know, I don’t believe I’ll really appreciate just how many dwarves  are in The Hobbit until I see it, but this poster gives a good idea. I mean, 13 dwarves crammed on to one poster (click it to embiggen)! That’s a party, and I remember thinking nine dudes in the Fellowship was a lot. As we lurch towards the premiere of the first Hobbit flick, An Unexpected Journey on December 14th, we’re slowing learning more and more tidbits, here’s a few more.

A few weeks ago we teased what could have been our first glimpse of The Hobbit’s Goblin King, and it appears that leaked image was legit. Here’s the Goblin King toy courtesy of TheOneRing.net,