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Rule number 32 of Zombieland. Enjoy the little things. Unfortunately he who has the rights to make the LONG over due God of War film, has it up his ass and is waiting for it to blow into the corners of obscurity before it is ever made into a movie. Gamervision has created a trailer for a God of War movie, but the fun part is that its done indie film style. It looks like a sequel that was never made to The Royal Tenebaums, so to speak, the same vein as Wes Anderson.

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Wednesday is here and with the release of our 12th podcast episode comes the ever-popular question of the week! Question of the week is a question we ask you, our readers and listeners, and you answer it by either commenting to this post, or telling us your answer on facebook or twitter (@nerdbastards)! We choose the best answer on the Podcast and the winner will receive a prize if we have one available. (And this week we do, so ANSWER!)

Last week the question was: What is the best nerd pickup line? The best answer was submitted via the website by the user Jess and she had this to say:

Hello. I am female. My IQ is well within the 99th percentile. I have several gaming consoles and a large television. I have strong opinions about the Picard versus Kirk debate. I bring my own dice. I would like to show you my breasts.

The question for this week is:

What fictional gaming world would be the best place to live in and why?

For example, I would love to live in Rapture from Bioshock. Before it went all bad, of course. Fuck the splicers! And as to why? I’d love to look out my bedroom window and see some hardcore whale fucking. But we want your answers, so comment here or as I wrote further up this page, you can respond via facebook or twitter.

Definitely answer this question. Wanna know why? Because the KICKASS prize this week is a copy of God of War 3 for PS3!!!! This was donated to us to give as a prize by Jamie York from Game Undergound and we cannot thank him enough! Coolest sponsor EVAR! (Uhh, we love our other sponsors too…yep.)


The Blades of Chaos based on the original blades destroyed by Ares and replaced by Athena are NOW available BUDK. So now there is no need to get your Blades from a goddess, when you can get them here. There’s only 1000 pieces available and they come with a custom wall plaque and limited edition medallion with COA, so get’em before the get to the gone. But correct me or BUDK if we’re wrong, but the host of Athena gives you ANOTHER set of blades called the Blades of Exile…Which begs the question, how many Blades does Athena keep giving Krato’s blades to kill fellow gods???

Also check out the ones they released back in July, the Original Blades of Chaos which I wrote about last summer.

betty white

Andrew Zubko, of  “Batman vs. Shark” Net Fame was  commissioned by the Portland Mercury to draw on subjects picked by their readers through an online vote and use the final result as an epically hilarious work of sensationalism. I wonder however, about his drawing style. This seems very lackluster, and quickly thrown together, brilliantly of course, but not as perfect looking as Batman Vs. Shark. That picture looks like a gorgeously rendered piece of comic artwork, where this picture looks drawn by someone else.

I have a feeling Zubco is going to make huge Internet waves with his incredible talent and variety of deliciously snarky and odd work. Lets keep’em coming!

Also hit it here to see Batman Vs. Vader by f Dave Dorman. You decide which is more badass.

gow-nutritionThis month, we saw the release of Sony’s God of War III, that features the always angry Kratos. In God of War, Kratos went on against Ares, and in God of War II he goes on to face Zeus, as for God of War III, well, if someone likes to give the game to me, I’ll be happy to review it for the site (I’m talking to you Sony, help a guy out). Anyways, Gary Hodges thought that maybe God of War III needs a Nutrition Facts for those people who weren’t sure if they should buy the game or not. With the serving size of 4, gamers will get their dose of fun, platforming, carnage. lunacy, and best of all, tits (speaking of which, if you didn’t know, the God of War games always featured a sex mini-game). Hodges also took the time to also list the ingredients and it’s awesome what is listed. What do you guys think? Would you want other games to have this? I know it’s a joke and fan made, but its things like this that makes the internet awesome.

Source: Geekologie

The Top 10 Games of E3

These are thus far the most anticipated games brought forth by their companies  to be showcased at the event. I don’t know who agrees or disagrees, but the list has been brought forth with some heavy hitters coming out in the next year or so. Thanks to GameInformer (more…)