Godzilla Resurgence

Godzilla Resurgence t2

Tonight is the preview night of San Diego Comic-Con, and while things are getting rowdy (and nerdy) out in California, something is rumbling from across the Pacific. I’m talking about Godzilla: Resurgence, of course, the newest film from Studio Toho, the original creators of Godzilla and the franchise. When the first trailer hit back in April, fans got their first looks at the decidedly more grotesque version of our scaly friend, with melodramatic visuals and operatic music that set the tone for a more dark and serious production. Now, the second trailer is continuing that trend. (more…)


It’s a formula as old as time; ginormous monster, huge city, mass hysteria and destruction. And there is no better catalyst for this story than Godzilla also known as the “King of the Monsters.” This summer Godzilla will return to the big screen in Godzilla Resurgence and the new trailer gives us a glimpse of the potential annihilation of Japan. (more…)