Hollywood’s retro-love is still in full swing, even if it takes some projects a little longer than others to complete the process from concept to completion.  Long-time writer and director Chris Columbus is out on the press tour for his new movie, Pixels, that opens this week (look for my review at Noon EDT Wednesday here on the site), and he gave us media types a little more info on where the reboots of two major 1980s products – Goonies and Gremlins – stand.



Found filed under LET’S DO THIS, comes news of Double C tackling the 2 G’s! Can we be honest here? When you’re named after a famous explorer, life expects you to be super ambitious. That’s Chris Columbus‘ burden in life: to get awesome things done. What’s he doing awesome these days? Oh just working on two movies that absolutely need to get made: Gremlins and Goonies sequels. (more…)


Welcome to the festival of light that is The BastardCast, unfortunately the chicken wing coupons that we sent out are expired. Sorry, but hey the #TimeChallenge continues, we sorta have have Star Wars new. Plus the finer points of the great May 6th, 2016 Sophie’s Choice of movie blockbuster weekends that DC/Marvel have set up for us and the worst audition tape ever for a late night TV talk show (but it is for basic cable, so we still have a chance!)

On the show this week we talk about the funny and informative topics, like: (more…)


It’s been a long-ass time since the first Goonies flick hit the screens and there have been rumors flying around in recent years about the possibility of a sequel coming. Now it looks like the vague rumors may be solidifying into maybe-possible rumors. The director of the original, Richard Donner, has stepped up and said that a return to the Goonies is on its way. (more…)

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ABOVE:  Lunnaya Nadejda and her friends pull off one amazing Little Mermaid cosplay with not only Ariel but all of her sisters. That’s a lot of tail, guys. Check out her cosplay gallery on Deviant Art for more of her costumes, like Sailor Moon and Supergirl. (io9)


Mass Effect 3 releases today, make sure you stock up. (Reddit)



Always wanted to be an obese child? Now you can without the risks of juvenile diabetes or getting a ‘chocolate’ swirly! The crazy cool hipsters (haha) at Urban Outfitters are offering this bad ass tshirt that says “DO THE TRUFFLE SHUFFLE” on the front and when you flip it up over your head Chunks adorable fatty face is printed on the inside. Also, not only is the shirt cool, if you know a particularly dumb whore with nice knockers you might be able to get her to flash you without being the wiser. Or, you could just tell her you want to love her like her step dad did. haha incest.

You can get this oh, so fine piece of nerdery for only 14.99 here.


Jonah Hex Trailer


Josh Brolin firing a stick of dynamite from a crossbow and mowing bad guys down with chainguns mounted on a horse, Now that sounds like something straight out of my writing. Makes me tingle all over. You throw in some Meghan Fox,  John Malkovich and more explosions then a Michael Bay film and you got DC’s new entry into the superhero lineup.
Set to be released on June 18th, a lot of people may not be super familiar with Jonah Hex. He is a lot like Ghostrider in description and storyline, with some reversal of course, for instance in the scene where the dead, lifeless dude is in the cage and Jonah touches him, giving him life. On the contrary Ghostrider would do the opposite and drain them black. I think the film looks nice and gritty, with a solid Josh Brolin always doing what he does, delivering a stoic, brilliant performance ala’ Brand in the Goonies.
Jonah Hex Never Says Die.

Six Celebrity Nerd Game Show Episodes


For how much would you sell your soul? $10,000? A new car? A lifetime supply of Turtle Wax? Plenty of celebrities have wheeled and dealed on game shows, but do you remember these nerds doing so? Check out six episodes of game shows that feature some of our most iconic nerd folks. (more…)