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The time is upon us, Gotham fans! It is the final episode of the season, the final reckoning of whether the show will leave people with a desire for more. Last week things started to heat up, with The Penguin starting an all-out gang war, Nygma getting a bit more Riddler-y and little Bruce Wayne on his way to discovering some secrets about his father. We know Fish is coming back this episode to play out whatever part the writers have given her, but how will it all end up? Will we be looking forward to a season 2? Read on to find out what this Bastard thinks. (more…)


Last week on Gotham, the show did little in the way of epic climaxes, but it did set up quite a bit for future episodes. Bruce and Selina had a little adventure that ended in murder. Fish finally made it out of the Rambling Subplot Hospital, though she took a bullet in the process. The Penguin was setting up for a major move against his chief rival, Maroni. And Gordon was lured into becoming the target of a dangerous serial killer who goes by the name of The Ogre. Will ‘Under the Knife’ bring us closer to the stunning conclusion that they’ve been promising us for these last four episodes? (more…)


It’s been a while since the last episode of Gotham. About five weeks, in fact. So what exactly happened before the break? Well, little Bruce Wayne had teamed up with little Selina Kyle and they were out on the hunt for the guy that stabbed poor Alfred. Alfred was, of course, laid out in the hospital. Gordon and Bullock managed to get some dirt on Commissioner Loeb and stop a power play (thanks to The Penguin), though at some cost to Gordon’s idealism and morality. And old fish Mooney was now working for The Dollmaker, helping him keep his human organ donors in line. The previews for the last four episode of the season have been promising some big changes. The question is, did ‘Beasts of Prey‘ deliver? (more…)

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Last week on Gotham, we saw more of the same, plus a few interesting twists and turns. Gordon and Harvey Bullock were out busting heads as usual. The Penguin was busy trying to live out his life as a low-rent gangster. Fish Mooney was climbing the ladder of her current underworld structure, even to the point of carving her own eye out in hopes of getting that promotion she wants. And poor Alfred was busy getting stabbed by his so-called buddy because $Money$. So where does that leave us with ‘Everyone Has A Cobblepot’? As it turns out, this one happened to be one of the better episodes of Gotham. (more…)

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Last week on Gotham, ‘The Blind Fortune Teller’ saw Jim Gordon still fighting the good fight, Fish Mooney trying to take over the bad side of an organ farm, lil Bruce Wayne giving the board of Wayne Enterprises an ultimatum about getting their act cleaned up, the Penguin receiving a unique gift in the form of a brainwashed Butch and the supposed introduction of The Joker. This week brings yet another classic Batman baddie to the small screen in the form of The Red Hood. The Red Hood has taken many forms in Batman canon, including being part of the origin story for the actual Joker. In ‘The Red Hood’, however, the role is used to demonstrate the essence of crime in Gotham and it’s used to good effect. (more…)

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Last week on Gotham, we saw the final downfall of Dr. Crane (Senior, that is). We also got a glimpse into the evolving relationship between The Penguin and his former boss, Marconi (hint – it wasn’t good). Fish Mooney was in the mysterious prisonland underground, Gordon was working side-by-side with his new girlfriend and lil’ Bruce Wayne was poking his nose into the affairs of Wayne Enterprises. This time around, ‘The Blind Fortune Teller’ has promised a first glimpse at The Joker. Did they give us something that we could write home about? Not quite, but it was pretty good regardless. (more…)

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Last week on Gotham, ‘The Fearsome Dr. Crane’ introduced us to the father of one of the future Batman’s most prolific villains. This week, ‘The Scarecrow’ takes that introduction even further by showing us the young Jonathan Crane as he makes his initial transition from the son of a psychopath to a proper psychopath in his own right. We also witnessed an escalation of conflict between Penguin and Marconi (with Penguin barely surviving), some mysterious trouble for Fish Mooney and the continued hunt of Dr. Crane by Gordon and Harvey. So where will all these showdowns end? While this week’s episode does wrap up a bit of what was started last week, it’s pretty low on the punch factor. (more…)