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One of the more memorable villains of Gotham was Jerome. He captured many of The Joker’s mannerisms and displayed psychosis very well on the show. The producers threw us a major curveball when they actually killed the character as he was made a sacrificial lamb for Theo Galavan’s rise to power. Jerome’s impact was made though as his psychosis seemed to infect people on many of its citizens. This led many people to believe that whoever the “real” Joker is, will be inspired by Jerome. However, with the release of the inmates from Indian Hill, we heard Jerome’s infectious laugh signifying that he is one of those who escaped and now at large.


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One of the chief complaints that even fans of Gotham have about the show is the seeming desperation of its writers to cram in as many iconic Batman villains as possible. While we’ve seen certain villains work out rather exceptionally (Riddler and Penguin in particular), others have been less-than-stellar. Still, the need to keep bringing in more baddies is not something that will be subsiding anytime soon. In fact, according to producers of the show, we’ll be getting the chance to see at least three incredibly familiar faces as the show goes on – Harley, Killer Croc and Solomon Grundy. (more…)