Earlier this week, we posted two teaser trailers for the upcoming fan made Street Fighter movie that is titled Street Fighter Legacy. It’s been getting a lot of buzz for how a Street Fighter should be made since its main focus is Ryu and Ken, with a little Akuma thrown in there. Well, now we get a full trailer and this truly puts the Legend of Chun-Li to shame.  The trailer once again proves that fans know what fans what while Hollywood just want the movie. If your a Street Fighter fan, do yourself a favor and check out the trailer as I’m sure there will be something on there you’ll appreciate.

Source: Topless Robot, YouTube


Although the original Street Fighter movie was silly, Raúl Juliá as M.Bison made it watchable, oh and Kylie Minogue as Cammy was just a nice plus. Anyways, we all know how video game movies are when Hollywood makes ’em. They add unnecessary story plots so that it can appeal to a wider audience which ends up making the film nothing to do with the video games. Of course, this leads to fans stepping up and doing it right. The above image is from the fan-made Street Fighter film, which is all happening because of one man, Joey Ansah (Bourne Ultimatum). It seems like he gather up a rather nice group of people to make this possible and I’ll let the two teaser trailer and a teaser image show how good this will be, which is all available after the jump. (more…)