GQ chose Amy Schumer for their annual Comedy Issue which featured a photo layout of Schumer mixed into the Star Wars Universe. It was a hot post last week, with a lot of mixed reactions from fans. Disney came out later with a Twitter statement labeling the photo shoot as an inappropriate use of their characters that they: didn’t approve, participate in, or condone. GQ also asked Schumer to design her own GQ cover shot and include her own cover lines for the articles inside her comedic imaginary GQ cover issue. (more…)


What’s the fun of a shared, multi-film universe if you aren’t going to use it? In the case of Marvel Studios, they’ve been very much enjoying the benefits of having characters from one movie series pop up in another. Clark Gregg took Agent Coulson from Iron Man to Thor; Robert Downey Jr. popped up at the end of The Incredible Hulk; and Hayley Atwell is rumored to be turning up as Peggy Carter in a flashback in the upcoming Ant-Man. Of course, nearly everyone from the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far showed up in Avengers: Age of Ultron, with the notable exception of last summer’s space-faring heroes of Guardians of the Galaxy. But you know it’s only a matter of time that they turn up in other places, and Star Lord himself, Chris Pratt, confirmed that he has room in his contract for Marvel adventures outside of Guardians. (more…)

The news keeps rolling out about the third film in the Bill & Ted franchise. Keanu Reeves talked with GQ and said this about the plot details for Bill & Ted III:

“One of the plot points is that these two people have been crushed by the responsibility of having to write the greatest song ever written and to change the world,” and they haven’t done it.

So everybody is kind of like: ‘Where is the song?; The guys have just drifted off into esoterica and lost their rock.

We go on this expedition, go into the future to find out if we wrote the song, and one future ‘us’ refuses to tell us, and another future ‘us’ blames us for their lives because we didn’t write the song, so they’re living this terrible life. In one version we’re in jail; in another we’re at some kind of highway motel and they hate us.”

What do you think about that?  It could work out, there’s a lot of material in that search for the greatest song. The movie still needs financing and a studio to produce the film so perhaps this is an attempt by Keanu to hype up the fan base and garner interest from studios. If that’s the case then expect some more info to come out in the days to come.

Peter Dinkladge – GQ Stud of the Year


NerdBastards would like to officially declare this the: 

“Year of Dinkladge”

Co-Starring in HBO’s Game of Thrones, wife pregnant with their first child, an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Game of Thrones, and now crowned with GQ’s “Stud of the Year” award, Peter Dinkladge is clearly on top of his Hollywood world. 

When talking with GQ about his studliness Peter responded,

“STUD?!”  (insert loudly repeated “STUD” a few times).

“I feel as much of a stud as… I can’t come up with a metaphor. That’s how lacking in studliness I am.”

The video below is a fantastic look into Peter and his sense of humor. Surrounded by beautiful women in lingerie he talks of his favorite television shows and just gives up, because who is really listening to him while these lovely ladies stand behind him. Check out how Peter’s eyes grab a quick look at the 45 second mark. That glance confirms his studliness, he knows you see him look, and he’s cool with it.

Peter also discussed some interesting insights into his character Tyrion from Game of Thrones with GQ reporter Lindy West.
“Tyrion was made an outcast by his family, so he—how should I put it?—he doesn’t give a shit,” says Dinklage. “But he’s also kind, in a way, and that’s a relief in a show where everybody’s constantly chopping each other’s heads off.” Does he find that, since Tyrion, women are looking at him differently? “I never know where women are coming from. I’m still figuring them out, and I’m 42 years old.”

Via: GQ

The Day the Movies Died


Have you been disappointed by movies this year? What about last year?

One of the biggest problems are the sheer amount of sequels (and other third, fourth, etc…) movies being produced by Hollywood. Apparently, in 2011, there will be a record 27 placed into theaters.

How does that even happen? Isn’t there any original content left in Hollywood?

In a GQ column called The Day the Movies DiedMark Harris does just that. He informs us how Hollywood has gone wrong, by weaving a story from  Top Gun to Inception to Stretch Armstrong, and that this cycle may never end.

This expose is a must-read for anyone who loves the entertainment industry (like I do), and thinks that Hollywood is not doing their best damn job. I mean, some sequels are a great idea! But others are sometimes rushed into production, and the story and/or acting suffers (Iron Man 2, Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3, and more!)

What do you think about the movie industry? Sound off in the comments!

Check out an excerpt below the jump, and links to the full article can be found here.