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Batman & Robin was nearly 20 years ago now. Yeah. In that time George Clooney has become an accomplished writer, director, producer and an Academy Award-winning actor. He’s worked with a variety of collaborators like Steven Soderbergh, the Coen Brothers, Alexander Payne, and Alfonso Cuaron, hardly the sort of hackery that became associated with B&R director Joel Schumacher back in the summer of ’97. You might say that Batman & Robin was Clooney’s original sin, and he’s paying the price for it these last two decades. So in the interest of continued penance, Clooney was once again called to apologize while doing a round of promotion for his new movie Tomorrowland. (more…)

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This week’s edition: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Dicks, buy your own Marauder’s Map, X-TREME DC Comics commercials, Doctor Who plushies, video games and smokin’ reefer might improve your memory, Darth Vader hair dryer, Call of Duty: Galactic Warfare, Tron: Legacy 8-bit, the surfing trooper, Ewan McGregor, Chris O’Dowd & Graham Norton play w/lightsabers, Leia comes to the logical conclusion, Gremlins tattoo, Hey! Listen! (stfu navi!), flying car, Millennium Falcon guitar, Game of Thrones theme on violins, sew your own Facehugger, Caution: adam WEsT FLOOR, leather Cyberman mask, first-person Pac-man, Ewok village mural, Poke-cake, Tony Stark of Winterfell, Pink Ranger the violinist, Admiral Ackbar’s plates, zombie bikinis.

Mmm, dude I love pickles. Wait, they’re really what? Barf. (Imgur)