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We’ve been covering every step of on long road Jose Padilha‘s Robocop reboot/remake has been traveling. Curiously after a quick review, kind of realized a small piece of news had been missing. The script! Who was writing it? would they even have one? MGM announced months ago that they wouldn’t be using the one Darren Aronofsky had crafted and with Padilha talking at great lengths about how his version of the ultra-violent dystopian sci-fi flick would work, well… you’d think someone would be writing that s#!t down.

Well according to THR Nick Schenk, the dude that wrote Clint Eastwood‘s Gran Torino has the gig. Well, technically it says he’s been brought on to ‘develop’ the screenplay which could be write or fix.

MGM has hired Gran Torino screenwriter Nick Schenk to work on the screenplay for RoboCop.
The CAA-repped Schenk had been working with Padilha, who co-wrote and directed Elite Squad: The Enemy Within, on the action thriller Tri-Border. The writer also has the original drama The Judge set up at Warner Bros. with Team Downey producing.

Ok, that’s an interesting choice. Gran Torino had a gritty, rough yet massively entertaining and intelligent script. Assuming Schenk will be doing a ground up writing rather than polishing up any of the older versions, it will be interesting to see what he brings to the table.  Will it lead to a deeper level of social/political satire maybe? Will this Robocop be less sci-fi and something more grounded it reality? Will it just be cantankerous old cyborg shouting new and interesting racial epithets? I guess we’ll wait and see.

Source: Cinema Blend

Gran Torino/Pixar’s Up Mashup


No one loves Gran Torino like I do. Funnily enough, I have the pleasure of knowing a gentleman who is Walt Kowalski’s doppleganger, down to the porch and the cigarettes. Naturally anything we find on the epic movie should be good news for a fan, and this mashup is a great treat.

If Pixar’s Up was voiced by Clint Eastwood and a crazy drama where the cartoons were shooting each other I think I would’ve seen it in the theaters. Check out this spot on mashup. (Via GreatWhiteSnark)