Grand Theft Auto Online

This Week in Video Games 10-06

I know this column is titled “This Week in Video Games,” even though it’ll be on a bi-weekly basis. Unfortunately, “These Past Two Weeks in Video Games” doesn’t have much of a ring to it; you’ll just have to deal with it until we come up with something better. This week, we take a look at the launch of GTA Online (is it running yet?), the Battlefield 4 beta launches, and Valve unveils its new hardware, and maybe even confirms a certain game we’ve all been waiting for?

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This morning Rockstar Games released the launch trailer for Grand Theft Auto Online. Yes, you read that right. You will now be able to enjoy all the open world sandbox sociopathic behavior you’ve grown to love in a true MMO setting. Basically it is Grand Theft Auto V (which is out on the 17th of September) in muliplayer mode, but it looks like it as the potential to be more. Much more.

Admit it, you have spent hours upon hours with the GTA franchise doing unspeakable acts of mischief and violence. Well, soon you will be able to do that with friends!

Assuming you still have friends… that much time spent hooker stomping and shooting rockets at police helicopters can be hell on a social life.

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