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We know that the comic book business has been changing just as much as any other business that has seen modern reading habits shift from what’s printed to what’s posted. The digital revolution has changed things, and the only thing anyone can really agree on is that things are changing. So they are changing again. Marvel Comics announced a deal today with the e-book/periodical digital distribution platform Scribd to offer hundreds of Marvel comic books via Scribd’s subscription service. Think of it as Netflix for comics, and now, for just $8.99 per month, you can read some of your favorite adventures of the Avengers, the X-Men and Spider-Man. (more…)


Sometimes I think we should just have a scrum with Alan Moore and keep repeating the same question over and over again, “Who else do you hate?!” In a new (and lengthy) interview, Moore talked about a great many things, but what stuck out was the revelation of the one man who he blames, more than any other, for all the terribleness that has befallen the modern comic book industry. And this devil’s name, is Grant Morrison! (more…)


Grant Morrison wrote one of the most beloved Superman stories of modern times with his take in All Star Superman, but he seems a bit late to the party with his appraisal of the latest Superman movie, Man of Steel. Still, his opinion is valid, and it was recently offered to USA Today.

“I kinda liked it and kinda didn’t, to be honest,” he began. “I feel bad because I like Zack Snyder and David Goyer, and Henry Cavill was really good.

“But it felt like one of those ones where it’s like, ‘Bring on the second movie now that you’ve done this’, and I don’t need to see that as someone who knows all I know about Superman.

“For me, it was a bit ‘seen it before’, no matter how they tried to make it a little bit different. I’m more looking forward to the Dark Knight version of Superman, the next one, where hopefully it will have Lex Luthor and be some fantastic second act.

Now from here, Morrison’s opinion may not be itself a spoiler, but he goes into some details that definitely are spoilery, so if you still haven’t seen Man of Steel and want to, but go in spoiler-free, avert your eyes in…












Still here? Okay, here’s what else Morrison had to say:

“It’s a credible Superman for now. But I’m not sure about the killing thing. I don’t want to sound like some fuddy-duddy Silver Age apologist but I’ve recently noticed a lot of people saying Batman should kill the Joker and, yeah, Superman should kill, he should make the tough moral decisions we all have to make every day.

“I don’t know about you, but the last moral decision I made didn’t have anything to do with killing people. And I don’t think many of us ever have to make the decision whether or not to kill. In fact, the more you think about it, unless you’re in one of the Armed Forces, killing is illegal and immoral. Why would we want our superheroes to do that?

“There is a certain demand for it, but I just keep wondering why people insist that this is the sort of thing we’d all do if we were in Superman’s place and had to make the tough decision and we’d kill Zod. Would we? Very few of us have ever killed anything.

“What is this weird bloodlust in watching our superheroes kill the villains?”

Morrison makes some good points, but I think he’s more fair in his commentary than a lot of people on the internet have been. It vexes me because it seems that Man of Steel tried to address a lot of the stuff fan boys complained about regarding Superman, only to piss off those same fan boys all the more. Alas, what is a filmmaker supposed to do now-in-days? You can’t please everyone.

What do you Bastards think of Morrison’s comments? Agree, disagree, or indifferent?

Source: Digital Spy


The rich history of Superman places a burden on those who choose to sift through those 75 years of comics in search of identifying a finite batch of stories that define the character. Frankly, it is a fool’s errand that is guaranteed to rankle readers who have their own ideas about which Superman stories are must read, but that is part of the fun. So we have gone and done just that with an eye toward balance, historic significance, and good old fashioned quality.

Along the way, we hope that any missing tales don’t stand out like a beacon. With Superman’s 75 year history, an all inclusive list is difficult and impossible to narrow down to ten. What we hope to do is share these and maybe have you discover a few new tales or perspectives on the Last Son of Krypton that give new perspective on the hero.

Many call Superman a character that is often boring, over powered or impossible to relate to by those who haven’t looked deep enough into the character’s origins and his long journey from a scribble and a notion that fell out of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster‘s head. That is selling the story telling short. While the Man of Tomorrow is an orphaned alien from a distant world, he is a reflection of us, and has evolved with us for the last seven and a half decades.

The Superman “S” is the second most recognizable symbol in the world. He was the founding Father of the Superhero genre. A complex hero, an outcast, a Christ-like figure, a being comprised of unfathomable strength and virtue, a scared kid, a stoic old “man”, wounded, alone, a savior and someone who has been saved. Superman has been all of these things throughout his existence, and we hope that these stories demonstrate that, so without further ado, we present the Ten Superman Comics that Everyone Should Read. (more…)


It’s New Comic Book Day! (Yay!) And one of the books hitting the shelves is Batman Incorporated #8, it’s a big deal because a major character from the Bat-family dies in the issue, a culmination of nearly a decade of planning and writing on the part of DC Comics mainstay Grant Morrison.

So in order to discuss this, I guess we need a… SPOILER ALERT!!!!!











Still there?


Damian dies. Yes, the current Robin, and only son of the Dark Knight, gets killed off. How, why and how painful I leave for you to discover for yourself (or maybe you already know), but Morrison took to his blog to comment on his decision to kill off such an important character, and how it plays into the larger themes of the Batman books as he sees it.

“I chose to build my story around the basic trauma, the murder of his parents, that lies at the heart of Batman’s genesis. It seemed to me there would be a part of Bruce Wayne that resented his parents for leaving him and especially resented his father for not being Batman that night, so the principal villains were an archetypal bad father figure in the form of Dr. Hurt and a dark mother in the form of Talia, our villain for the concluding chapters of the story. 

This master theme of damaged and ruined families was nowhere more in evidence than in the creation of Damian, the first “Son of Batman” to be acknowledged in the canon. In many ways this has been Damian’s story as much as it has been the story of Bruce Wayne and it’s a story that had its end planned a long time ago – for what son could ever hope to replace a father like Batman, who never dies?

And so, via Batman, Batman and Robin, Return of Bruce Wayne and Batman Inc. this epic tale has finally reached its finale.”

Bastards: Feel free to weigh in with your thoughts on the (new) death of Robin below. Have you read the book? Was it good? Will you miss Damian Wayne? Sound off below.

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As we start to ramp up to this weekends New York Comic-Con, it looks like a big juicy piece of news dropped early. DC Comics as announced the creative team to replace Grant Morrison on the flagship title Action Comics. Writer Andy Diggle (The Losers, Green Arrow: Year One) and artist Tony Daniel (DC’s other flagship books, Detective Comics and Justice League) will assume creative duties as of issue #18.

The announcement was made on DC’s official blog, The Source, and was met with all the fluffy words you would expect. Both Diggle and Daniel talked about being excited to work together on the big blue boy scout’s home title and spoke about sending the Man of Steel to exciting new directions. The new run will take place in the ‘now’ of the New 52, unlike Morrison’s that happend 5 years in the past. Both Daniel and Diggle are power house creative types and DC spends a few paragraphs letting you know. Below all that? A taste of Daniel’s take on the Man of Tomorrow… If by ‘tomorrow’ you mean mid 1990s.

Hit the jump to see it, but a word of caution. If you are not yet over the lack of red undies on the outside look for Supes… maybe just walk away now.


See what I did there? It’s a double entendre. Anyhoo, Happy is actually the name of the latest graphic novel by Grant Morrison, the first issue of which was released just a month ago. But quicker than you can say “imaginary horse” it seems that Happy is about to be turned into a major motion picture.

Actor and musician The RZA has optioned the comic, which follows a down-and-out ex-cop and drug addict who survives a mob hit and as a result of his injury can now see a blue flying horse named Happy, who then gives Nick a very special Christmas mission. Morrison himself will write the screenplay, while Reginald Hudlin (Django Unchained) produces and RZA himself directs.

The news of the adaption was so fresh that Happy artist Darick Robertson, had only just heard about it,

I just found out about this shortly before Morrisoncon, and after seeing the trailer for The Man With The Iron Fists I’m excited to see RZA’s take on our comic!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Happy movie doesn’t yet have a distributor or any financiers, but news on that front might be coming sooner rather than later.

Obviously, we’ll keep you posted with developments.

Source: Bleeding Cool

Doctor Who may be over until the Christmas special and the second half of Series 7 returns next year, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t Who news to report! First, did you hear about MorrisonCon? The convention last weekend in Las Vegas that celebrated all things Grant Morrison? Yeah, it happened, and while there Morrison dropped a few interesting comments about how he’d like to write a Doctor Who episode. Yes, apparently writing an episode of Doctor Who is the “thing” all your favorite writers want to do. And why not!? The Whovian fanbase is massive, who wouldn’t want a piece of this pie?

Anyway, during a panel about, “the filthy backdoor romance between comic books and movies,” moderated by porn actress and sex columnist Ryan Keely – I shit you not – the panelists (Chronicle screenwriter Max Landis, “Happy!” artist Darick Robinson, Morrison, and Guardians Of The Galaxy director James Gunn) were asked about what television they’re currently watching. Morrison responded, “Doctor Who.” And I can only imagine the roar from the crowd was deafening.

Here’s how Comic Book Resources reports it,

“[Steven] Moffat had been getting a lot of tweets from people who were saying, ‘You should have Grant write “Doctor Who,”‘ and I’d really love to write ‘Doctor Who,'” Grant said, adding that a friend of his who had worked with writer Mark Gatiss and Moffat pitched the idea to them and reported they wanted to hear from Morrison.

“We tried it four or five times, and he never wrote back,” Morrison said, adding that he had heard from those working on the related animated show that they were given Morrison’s ’80s “Doctor Who” comics for reference.

Landis then led the audience in a mass tweeting of Mark Gatiss under the hashtag of #letgrantmorrisonwritedrwho.

No word on Gatiss’ response. But what would you say to Morrison writing an episode of Who? The only better fusion of nerd idols I could imagine is if Peter Jackson expressed interest in working on Who. Wait a minute…

Speaking of Jackson, it’s clear he’s extremely fond of New Zealand and would be pumped if Who decided to film an episode. Who producer Caro Skinner even expressed their interest, though admitted it might be too costly. But now Australia is throwing their hat in the ring to host the Doctor Who cast and crew for an episode shoot.