Green Arrow

In a genre dominated by male counterparts, female sidekicks are nothing new. But after the decades we’ve seen them change and morph into strong-willed, intelligent, capable characters that can stand on their own two feet. When your female sidekick is doing most of the work, it begs the question – why aren’t they the lead? More than the super-smart hacker behind the muscle, more than the damsel in distress for the dashing hero to save, here’s a list of 5 ladies who could take over for their mentors without skipping a single beat. (more…)

It was only a couple of months ago when Charlie Hunnam had no idea who the Green Arrow was. He’s said that comics were never part of his early life and, therefore, not part of his future plans. But minds can change quickly, and it seems that Hunnam’s did just that. Almost as fast as he could say no to the role, he had switched gears and had become very open to the idea of playing Oliver Queen. All it took was telling him that he looks just like the guy.



For the past four years, Stephen Amell has been the face of Arrow. Donning a mask across his eyes and a hood tugged low over his face, he takes the character of the billionaire playboy Oliver Queen into all new adventures in the live action CW adaptation of the Green Arrow comic books. Brooding, troubled and fiercely protective of the things he holds dear – his city, his family, his friends – Oliver Queen is the hero that watches over Starling City with honour in his heart and his bow and arrow always close to hand. (more…)


Last season on Arrow, the almighty Oliver Queen managed to defeat the creepy-eyed, bad-haired magician, Damien Darhk and save the city once again. Add to that a load of Felicity and Oliver drama and we witnessed what may be (aside from a few exceptional episodes) the worst season of Arrow thus far. In the end, Ollie became mayor and Team Arrow mostly disbanded. Is this a way for the writers to press the reset button so they can bring us something a bit more compelling? ‘Legacy’ certainly suggests that this may be the path they’re taking this season, though only time will tell. (more…)


Coming off of season four, with all its magic and mysticism, the producers of the CW‘s initial superhero series, Arrowhave promised a return to form in the new season; that is to say a return to the gritty realism of the first season. So as the show gets ready for its season five return, it seems as if their stacking the roster with new characters decidedly not of the supernatural or super-powered vain, but are more like the hard-boiled characters befitting of a crime drama. In other words, they’re vigilantes with something to prove, and in Star City, there’s always more than enough trouble for one man with a bow and arrow to deal with. So who are these new masked avengers?  (more…)


After 18 episodes of teasing and speculation, tonight’s Arrow revealed finally the occupant of the grave we saw in the flash-forward in episode one. How soon does flash-forward become the present? But no matter how you feel about the character that met their creator tonight, you certainly can’t say that it wasn’t bold and impactful, nor was it any of the likely suspects that have been pondered about all year. It will be curious to see where the story will go from here, but one thing’s assuredly obvious, and that is the Arrow writers arranged the deck in such a way that everyone left at the end of the hour will be scared by its events. (more…)


This week’s episode of Arrow was fun. I know, you thought Central City was the fun one, and it’s interesting to evoke that line of Felicity’s from the last season of The Flash when both that episode, and this one, featured the same villain, Brie Larvan, AKA: The Bug Eyed Bandit. Either as a direct response to last week’s overwrought melodrama, or an unintentional response to the dour and dark reception of Batman V. Superman, Arrow delivered a “Die Hard with bees” that put the emphasis on the gang cracking wise, while dealing with this week’s threat with a zaniness that would make the S.T.A.R. Labs gang on Tuesday night say “Take it down a notch.” (more…)


After a brief hiatus, Arrow was returned with a lesson that maybe if your show’s on a roll you shouldn’t yank it off the air for a month. Many of the winter episodes of Arrow showed a life and narrative flare that the series hasn’t seen since its season two heyday, in fact almost everything up to the silly and contrived reason for Oliver and Felicity’s break-up was pretty good. (Even the flashbacks!) But with the prospect of the unearned, and frankly torturous, prospect of watching the “Olicity” soap opera in full effect this week, all I can say is “Thank God for Cupid!” (more…)

Maybe just saying this is going to jinx the whole thing, but Arrow has been on a roll. After last week’s epic finale to the League of Assassins story arc, the show proved this week that by returning to the main plot of season four, and the villainy of H.I.V.E. and Damien Darhk, it lost none of the momentum its been building up over the last couple of entries. Even the unusually heavy does of relationship drama, not to mention the focus on Oliver’s mayoral campaign, didn’t dull the energy in what was, essentially, a set-up episode. (more…)

Since Arrow signed off for a month-and-a-half holiday hiatus, there’s been a persistent, dangling rumor that fans have been desperate to have addressed: can Thea make it work with her brother’s campaign manager Johnny Handsome? Of course, that’s not what has our interest. It’s that grave. That grave! The one that the Arrow writers are using to poke our spoiler-filled anxiety. Who is in that grave is a question we don’t get answered tonight, but we do find out who isn’t in the grave, and that’s progress because it’s the most frequently mentioned candidate for the coffin that we learn is alive and well in four months. (more…)