Green Room

The horror genre goes through phases. At its height, the main draw was an unstoppable superhuman monster that stalked the hero (usually heroine). Through the endless sequels, that appeal went away. The genre reinvented itself through irony during the 90s and made a new generation fall in love with it. Throughout the genre’s many stages of evolution, it’s usually been about teens making terrible decisions, and the things in the dark that go and attack them. Green Room follows many of the rules for horror and is a captivating film. Writer/director Jeremy Saulnier creates a tense, gory, violent, haunted house film, but instead of the monsters being the undead, they are Neo-Nazis led by the legendary Patrick Stewart.



Patrick Stewart is nothing if not adventurous. If you haven’t been watching his new series Blunt Talk, you’ve missed Stewart at his goofy best, doing outrageous things and loving every minute of it. His latest bit of zaniness took him straight from the season two set of Blunt Talk to a screening in Los Angeles, in full drag along with costar Adrian Scarborough. (more…)