Greg Capullo


After Todd McFarlane, no one’s had a longer relationship with the Image Comics character Spawn than Greg Capullo. First drawing the character 1993, he kept up with the book and its numerous spin-offs until well into the 21st century. These days though, Capullo is more well-known for his run on Batman with writer Scott Snyder, a five-year collaboration that was critically and commercially successful and saw an expansion of the Batman mythos with some of the Dark Knight’s most popular modern story arcs. Capullo is now working with Mark Millar on his new creator-own book, Reborn, which will likely continue Millar’s winning streak next to books like Kick-Ass, The Secret Service and Wanted. This weekend though, it’s all about Capullo as he comes to Fan Expo Canada in Toronto to sign a few books and shake a few hands, but before that, Capullo took the time to answer a few questions from Nerd Bastards about his Batman legacy, his collaboration with Snyder, and what he’s looking to do in the future in terms of his comics career. (more…)

When I say terrible, I don’t mean for us… while I process the story and the ramifications of what it reveals about Batman’s past, I can say this. Wow.

If you haven’t been reading Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo‘s Batman, you have been missing out on what could quite possibly be DC Comic’s best book out of the New 52. For the past ten months, the Dark Knight has been battling the super secretive Court of Owls, an organization that has existed for over a century, slowly seizing control of Gotham City. As Snyder and Capullo’s Night of Owls arc reaches it’s climax it was clear they were building to something big.

How big? How about forcing fans of the Batman to completely rethink everything they thought they knew. Yes, there is a huge spoiler, yes it is up after the jump, and yes you should really read the book before you proceed any further.