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Marvel‘s tried three times to make a Punisher movie that connected with audiences, they took three swings and missed each time. So does that mean three strikes and they’re out? Does that mean that if Marvel can’t get it right, maybe others should be afforded the opportunity? I don’t know, but I know that if you make your own Punisher fan film then Marvel’s going to lower the boom, the legal boom. As in cease and desist. (more…)

Last month Rob Liefeld threw in the towel on his run for several new titles in DC‘s revised New 52 line.  This was due to what he pleasantly referred to as “editor pissing contests” among other things. Before that, John Carter: A Princess of Mars writer Roger Langridge walked away from both Marvel and DC, considering his working relationship with both companies to be “quite problematic from an ethical view.”

Now another major player in the industry has decided to jump ship from not one, but both companies at the same time – Greg Rucka.

Rucka claims that DC executives considered his work to have no real value. He denies this, as sales of his paperback work were actually quite impressive for the market.

“Well, take a look at your trade sales! That book has made nothing but money as a trade. What I’m now being told is, ‘lt was never worth anything to us anyway.’ So, you know what? They can stop selling the Batwoman: Elegy trade and stop selling the Wonder Woman trades and everything else I’ve done, because clearly I’ve not done anything of service and those guys aren’t making any money off me.”

The three time Eisner Award winner said in an interview with Mark Millar‘s CLiNT magazine that over the course of his seven years with DC Comics, he was taken “gross advantage” of, with the studio focused more on the “Hollywoodisation” of their product.

“There was at least a period where I felt that the way they wanted to make money was by telling the best story they could; now the quality of the work matters less than that the book comes out. There is far less a desire to see good work be done.”

These statements appear to carry a measure of truth, as Greg’s run on Marvel’s Punisher solo series has also been cut, announced to end as of issue #16. It’s not due to a lack of direction though. Marvel is effectively cutting Greg’s year-and-a-half of service on the project to put the Punisher on a team feature.

“My run on Punisher ends on #16, and we are then doing a five-issue mini called War Zone and then I’m done. That’s it! The Powers-That-Be at Marvel, without talking to me, decreed that he’s going to join a team on another book.

“That’s their choice, they own him, but I don’t have to be happy about it. I am glad I had the opportunity to work on the character and I’m proud of the work I’ve done.”

At least he isn’t super sore about that one, it’s just a business decision. But does Rucka think the rise in talent quitting will force a change in the industry? Afraid not.

“Despite what the publishers say, their interest in the talent is minimal now, the interest is only in promoting the financial worth of their properties. That was not the case as of two or three years ago, when there was an ‘Exclusives war’, but that’s all gone by the wayside now. Ultimately, they are saying, ‘We don’t need you,’ because they can get a million more just like you.”

It’s a shame that these big names, who have all either moved on or will eventually move on, had to do something like this in the first place. Any bets on who’s going to take the plunge next month?

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I was born in the 80s, raised in the 90s. I’m of the generation where girls were taught to scream Girl Power! at the top of our lungs by the Spice Girls. It didn’t matter whether you were facing aliens or robots because Ripley and Sarah Connor had your back. I watched Buffy Summers slay vampires by night and struggle through adolescence by day. I saw Sailor Moon and The Powerpuff Girls save the day hundreds of times, all before bed time. But now?

What happened to the Girl Power of the 90s? What happened to ladies kickin’ ass and taking charge? Where did the female action stars go? What happened to the superwomen?

DC Women Kicking Ass, a phenomenal blog that’s always up to date with female superhero news, picked up on these comments made by Marvel Entertainment CCO Joe Quesada at the recent Kapow! Comic Con.  Reported by Ain’t It Cool News, Quesada talked about the possibility Marvel would make a movie with a female superhero in the lead,

In a chat afterwards, Joe told me that he’d love to make a tentpole movie with a female lead, but that he really doesn’t think there is an actress right now who could carry it, or a character that would work either.

Uh, cool, I think. At first he’s seems excited by the prospect of a female-led superhero movie then turns around and tells us there’s no female character or actress who could make it work. I can’t say I agree with him. Isn’t Black Widow and Scarlet Johansson proof a movie with a female superhero and a capable actress is within their grasp? They just need to seize the opportunity.

To makes things even weirder, Quesada followed up this comment with promising talk about a Ms. Marvel movie. Wha-? Abby Chandler of Badhaven reported Quesada told her,

A script for a Ms/Captain Marvel movie is ready to go. They just needed an actress. Marvel are having a meeting in a couple of weeks and will be ready to announce some films then … He said we’d be pleasantly surprised.

Okay. So Ms. Marvel is a a female character who could get her own movie, but without any capable actress around it probably won’t happen soon. Yet they’re promising film announcements that will pleasantly surprise us? Could this be the Black Widow movie that would just make so much freakin’ sense right now? Or maybe the Wasp plays an integral role in Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man film?

I’m so confused by the mixed messages Quesada presented. Why won’t anyone give the female-led action movie a shot? Was The Hunger Games a fluke? Where are today’s Ripleys, Sarah Connors, and Buffys? I just don’t get it.


There’s been quite a bit of upheaval in Gotham over the last year or so, particularly where Bats are concerned. Bruce Wayne is no longer the only Batman, in fact he’s been recruiting a whole league of them in Batman Inc. Dick Grayson, former boy wonder became the Batman in Gotham after Bruce died…err was lost in time…err became an evil time bomb. Eh, comics are confusing. Anyway with a new Batman came a new Robin, and after that a new Batgirl. So there are lots of new faces in the Bat family recently.

But there’s one missing, or maybe I should rephrase it to read there’s one I’m missing. Batwoman, Kate Kane, the former marine, kick-ass chick whose not afraid to say she loves the ladies. She’s fierce, passionate and a fantastic addition to the Bat family, even if she’s not been officially sanctioned by the big Bat himself. So where can you catch her daring adventures month to month? Well, you can’t. Her new self-titled series has been delayed, again. Readers were given a preview with Batwoman #0 released back in November of last year with the series to start in February. Then it was pushed to April and you might have noticed ads in your DC books saying this. Well, now the series has been pushed back to September. Can’t a girl catch a break in this man-bat world?

J.H. Williams III who beautifully illustrated Batwoman during her stint in Detective Comics (written by Greg Rucka) is working on both the art and story for the new book and has commented on the delays before,

Well, its obvious to many that Batwoman’s release has been pushed back yet again. This was not our choice, and as to why, I’m not at liberty to really discuss. So the release may be farther away now, but be assured that work is still commencing. The upside to a later release means that gives us plenty of time to get a lot of issues done.

And they have been working really hard. The team of Williams, Haden Blackman and Amy Reader are well through the first arc and are already beginning a second. Now with a push back to September they’ll probably have a year’s worth of comics completed before we can read a single one!

Reader is who confirmed the new start date of September at WonderCon this passed weekend. She says the reasoning for the delay this time is to allow DC to give the Batwoman series a big promotional push. Dan Didio, co-publisher of DC confirmed this. DC does have a lot of new books coming out this summer with the newest crossover event, Flashpoint beginning. But they’ve been planning Flashpoint for a long time and I find it hard to believe they couldn’t have worked Batwoman around this.

I hate to say this but I think Batwoman’s getting screwed. Her run on Detective Comics is what brought me to my local comic book store. Her stories are what made me start reading other Bat-books and then other DC books. I know a lot of other comic book fans have been eagerly anticipating this book and it sucks having to wait so long for series we’ve been craving since Rucka left DC. She’s also a really important character socially. She is one of DC’s few openly gay characters. She’s one of the few DC women to not fit the mold of buxom and blonde. She’s also one of the few females to not bear the moniker ‘girl’. She’s a woman, a Bat-woman. Unlike so many of the other women in DC who are labeled girls while obviously being quite mature. Power Girl, Supergirl, Batgirl. She’s up there with Wonder Woman as one of the few chicks who are allowed to stand toe to toe with the guys.

So no Batwoman until September. All right fine, but I really want an awesome promotion for when the series does begin. I’m talking posters and t-shirts, maybe some special edition covers, I want it all DC because you’re making us wait.

source: DC Woman Kicking Ass