There are certain works in the history of cinema that are just insane; pictures that probably shouldn’t exist except for the fact that their creators birthed them through sheer will alone. Duke Mitchell’s Gone With the Pope comes to mind — a hodgepodge of ‘holy fucking shit’ that could’ve only come from the singular vision of one whacked out individual (and delivered to us via the hard work of one Academy Award winning editor). These are movies whose viewers are part of an elite club once they’ve sought them out, as the works never formally made their way to home video. It’s a rarity in the age of all-access digital media that any picture is relegated solely to celluloid, but they certainly still exist; “cult films” in the truest sense. Now another movie can be added to this exclusive list: Craig Denney’s 1975 work of wanton megalomania, The Astrologer. As Nicolas Winding Refn put it in his introduction to the film at this year’s Fantastic Fest: “it’s a movie that pushes ‘auteurism’ to a whole other level.” (more…)


It’s more fun and dismemberment with Mexico’s most-feared ex-Federale, Machete in Machete Kills, the follow-up to the grindhouse-esque tribute film by Robert Rodriguez, which is in theaters on October 11. To get you warmed up for the film, a new red band trailer has just been posted to the internet, and IGN is bringing it you, via us.

So what wonders does it contain? Well, there’s some prime slices of ham courtesy of Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson for one, at least two kills by chopper blade, as well as some, uh, high-caliber gun work courtesy of Sofia Vergara.

But why take my word for it, roll the trailer below to take a look:

Machete Kills, starring Danny Trejo and veritable ton of the hottest women in Hollywood, is out on October 11th.

Source: IGN


What’s up bastards! Here we are with the first Tuesday for the month of October and it seems business is picking up as we got five movies that we either recommend as a BUY, RENT, or a PASS. Two of the movies are reboots in which one may be worth watching and the other can just burn for its existence (you’ll see what I did there). We also have another movie that may be worth your time, one that is just there, and another that has the concept of ass to mouth.

That’s not it folks as we have what may be the most STACKED list of Old Movies Are New. How stacked you ask? Well it’s a list of 31 releases and I’m sure there is something you wouldn’t mind upgrading the hi-def version of. We also got the TV Show DVD section that consist not only two Syfy shows but a Doctor Who animated feature. So what are you waiting for? Check what came out after the jump and see if there is something you want!



Does anyone remember the two Grindhouse films?

Back in 2007, a series of two films, Planet Terror directed by Robert Rodriguez and Death Proof by Quentin Tarantino, came into theaters. Overall, the films did well at replicating the old style of B-horror films, but something else was unique. Before each of the movies were fake trailers created by other directors.

Fans became so in love with some of the concepts, that one of the fake trailers has actually become a real movie: Machete starring Danny Trejo as Machete. The movie also stars Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba, Robert De Niro, Cheech Marin, Jeff Fahey, Steven Sagal and Lindsy Lohan.

The first trailer after the jump is the original fake trailer attached to the Grindhouse movies, while the second trailer is for the actual movie coming out on September 3, 2010. Can you spot the similarities?


Eli Roth, The Bear Jew of Inglourious Basterds fame was, wouldn’t you know!!?!? A Director too!!!!…………..Ok, so you probably knew. As well that he also directed the short Thanksgiving in Grindhouse…So it should be no surprise to any of us that he had some directorial efforts in IB…And he did, directing the Nazi Propaganda film “Nations Pride” that was a tongue in cheek poke during the film. Here is the vid.

Breakout your copy of Grindhouse to watch the best parts…The faux trailers in between the two seperated films. Director/Actor Eli Roth has announced he is finishing up a sci-fi film “Endangered Species” which he intends to direct. But the biggest news in this double feature is that the Bear Jew is actually penning “Thanksgiving”. One of the fake trailers FOR Grindhouse. The Hollywood Reporter skinned it:

Roth added that he is penning a script for the horror flick “Thanksgiving,” which originally appeared as a faux trailer for Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s “Grindhouse.” He is directing, producing and possibly acting in the film.

One of the funnier trailers with more of the gruesome visuals and an even more disturbing voiceover. I’m psyched Roth is getting back to writing and directing. He is a good actor, but I love his innovation behind the laptop. Score one for the horror fans.


UPDATE:  Frosty from Collider got to sit down with Jonah Hill and talk about whether or not he has signed on for Robert Rodriguez’s ‘Machete’ and we get this:

Collider: Are you doing “Machete”?

Jonah: I haven’t read it yet. I love Robert Rodriguez. He called me today. He called me and said I’d like you to be in “Machete” and sent me the script and I have to read it tonight. So that was a little premature on their part to release that. But I’m definitely considering it. I have to literally read the script to decide whether I’m going to do it or not.

Yesterday He Was A Decent Man Living A Decent Life. Now He Is A Brutal Savage Who Must Slaughter To Stay Alive
So the filming of the long awaited ‘Machete’ starts in under two weeks but besides Mexican Badass, Danny Trejo we have no idea who is else involved. It’s rumored that Robert De Niro, Jonah Hill and Michelle Rodriguez are joining the cast. Wait, do some of you not know what ‘Machete’ is? Ok, lets back up here for a second and fill you in (geeze and you call yourselves nerds). Machete is a full length expansion of a fake trailer Robert Rodriguez directed for the 2007 film Grindhouse (video after the jump). It stars Danny Trejo as a former Mexican Federale pretending to be a day laborer who gets hired to assassinate an anti-immigration senator, but is double-crossed and left for dead. As the announcer says,”“If you’re gonna hire Machete to kill the bad guy, you better make damn sure the bad guy isn’t you.” The simple thing to say is, mexican guy goes ape shit and brutally murders a bunch of honkeys for revenge. So anyways, back to the casting rumors.