The world would be a very different place if the entertainment giant known as Disney hadn’t of stepped in and lobbied for change to copyright laws. Movies, comic books, anything and everything superheroes would be unrecognizable today. And it all started with Steamboat Willie, soon to be known the world over as Mickey Mouse. Copyright law used to be a very finite thing, but with the popularity of Mickey, Disney couldn’t stand to let him go, and still fights today to hang on to the property. Because of this, many other properties have benefited from the changes in law, including but not limited to Marvel and DC. Ever wanted to write a Superman story of your own? Ever wanted to combine Thor and Wonder Woman in their own superhero duo? You can’t. But only because Disney stepped in. What did they change? What beloved superheroes could you be creating with today?

With Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 inching ever closer with every passing minute, tension is getting high and fans are falling over themselves to get involved in the pre-movie hype. Despite being one of the superhero movies that doesn’t go out of its way to blatantly sell merchandise, it would be a foolish idea on the part of the studio not to give us something. Being targeted more towards adults than kids, though, the merch they do come up with has to be of a far superior quality than the tat you can get away with giving to children. (more…)


For a relatively niche part of the Marvel universe, Guardians of the Galaxy was an enormous hit when it was released in cinemas in 2014. Between Chris Pratt’s crude yet quirky Star Lord and the absurdly lovable duo of Rocket and Groot, it had all the right ingredients to make people laugh and warm their hearts. It came as no surprise when a sequel was announced and the fan base has only grown since the trailer for the new movie was released recently and we all got a look at Baby Groot in action. (more…)

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It sounds strange, doesn’t it?  A character who can only say three words – the same three words, nonetheless – featuring as the leading character of a comic series?  I briefly thought about writing this entire review for Groot #1, the newest solo-adventure spin-off for a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy team, by simply repeating “I am Groot” about 400 times, but then I figured that I’d really be the only one as entertained by that as I’d think it should be, so I decided against it.  Instead, here’s a real review for you!



A man named Josh Dunlap recently shared a heartwarming post to Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn’s Facebook. The subject of the post was his son, Sawyer, a four year old struggling with Dyspraxia, and the unlikely character that inspired the progressive strides Sawyer is making. Dyspraxia is a condition that affects one’s motor skills, including verbally forming speech, so it’s definitely interesting that after seeing Guardians of the Galaxy, Sawyer took in the most from the character that spoke the least: Groot. (more…)


Guardians of the Galaxy is a perfect comic book movie! It truly is one of the most unique and delightful films Marvel has created to date. It features memorable and enjoyable characters, is filled with all the required thrills and spills, and it’s an almost nonstop barrage of humor and fun. It’s like eating a big mac and a large fry at 2am after a night of drunken debauchery, it’s that good.

Peter Quill, or Star Lord as he likes to call himself, is a quick-witted man of Earth thrown into the far reaches of galaxy, who has stolen an artifact that everyone seems to want. By accident he stumbles upon four other characters, Gamora the assassin, Drax the Destroyer, Rocket the enhanced raccoon and Groot the humanoid tree, and the five of them form an unlikely team.

Not one performance, however, can live up to the two characters that completely steal the entire show, Rocket and Groot voiced by Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel. Yes, the talking tree and the raccoon are by far the most entertaining and likable characters. They are also two of the funniest characters in the entire picture behaving like the classic straight and funny man routine of Abbott and Costello fame but twice as fun.

Speaking of Rocket and Groot, our friends at Sideshow Collectibles sent us a the Marvel Rocket and Groot Sixth Scale Figure Set from Hot Toys. The big guy and little guy combo of the collectible word has never looked so good.


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It took 3 simple words to steal viewers’ hearts in Guardians of the Galaxy: I. Am. Groot. So completely smitten were we with this tree that the folks at Marvel have seen it fit to give Groot his own comic series! Set to debut June 3rd, some preview pages of the comic have been released from the Marvel team to prove that yes, it is possible to build a cohesive storyline around a main character whose vocabulary is limited to 3 words. (more…)

Not-So-Epic Rap Battles – Hodor vs. Groot?

hodor groot

I suppose it had to happen eventually. This is, after all, the world of the Internet. With all sorts of historical and fictional characters battling for supremacy via the medium of rap, it was only a matter of time before Groot and Hodor got in on all the fun. Of course, there really isn’t much they have to say other than their catch-phrases, so this rap battle is slightly less than epic. (more…)