Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Even though trailers have become the hottest way to display a new upcoming film, before the internet boomed posters used to take that role. Plastered across movie theater walls, they had to encapsulate the essence of a movie in a single, beautiful, wordless frame. The posters were an artform all on their own.

Movie posters aren’t as drooled over as before, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still some damn some beautiful ones. After all, the John Wick 3 poster has completely floored fans.

With such a beautiful image on the tips of our brains and fluttering our hearts, let’s take a look back at other posters that give wonderful eyegasms and other artistic feels to anyone who sees them.

Some of these designs have inspired and impressed for decades; prepare for some serious optical pleasure.  (more…)

If there’s one thing James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy movies have going for them, it’s a love and appreciation for some amazing music from the ’70s and ’80s… Ok, there are also some amazing characters, story structures, CGI effects, and a hell of a lot more, but those Awesome Mixes are, well, AWESOME! Fans who purchase a copy of the second film for their home collections will be treated to an additional feature that music lovers and fans of the film will absolutely die for: a special music video made just for the fans and it stars David Hasselhoff because… well, he’s the Hof!


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is just over a month away. James Gunn in an interview earlier this month talked about the future of the franchise, simply stating that, yeah, Marvel will most likely want to do another one of these. This is one of their most successful franchises. Well, this news got people stoked, and got them speculating about where the franchise could go and when it will be released. Whoa, wait a minute…James Gunn saw something off here. Why are they talking about the third movie when the second one hasn’t even come out yet??? (more…)

With roughly over a month to go until the release of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, which is getting perfect scores in audience screen tests, hit theaters, tickets have gone on sale for the rabid movie goer and hardcore fan. To celebrate the advanced ticket sales, Marvel has also dropped a new TV spot for the film. Fans will find a lot of the same scenes being used, but there are some new ones as well as some new music included. Fans of baby Groot, pay attention. This is something you’ll definitely want to check out. For more information about the advance ticket sales as well as a look at the new TV spot, then keep reading after the jump.


Starlord aka Chris Pratt, as those in the Earthly realm know him, is a funny guy. He’s not just funny in the movies, he’s hilarious in real life as well. Fans will remember his mooning incident while working on Parks and Rec as well as his cropping Jennifer Lawrence out of promotional photos for Passengers on their press tour. And any interview he’s ever done. Well, Starlord may have surpassed himself with his most recent facebook post promoting Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2.


With less than 2 months remaining, fever is growing for Marvel’s next Phase 3 movie, Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2. The sequel to the surprise blockbuster is expected to be even bigger, funnier, and have even more classic songs than the first one. Tonight, on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Star-Lord himself, Chris Pratt showed up to debut the third trailer for the upcoming film.


Doctor Strange DVD/BluRay hits stores February 28th and some of the extras are making their way onto the Internet. Just the other day there were some screen shots from some of the upcoming Phase 3 movies including, Thor: Ragnarok, Black Panther, and Guardians Of The Galaxy 2. The video has some great first looks along with commentary from Joss Whedon, Kevin Feige, James Gunn, and Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi. If you’ve been wanting more on Thanos, this is the video for you.

When there’s a big movie to look forward to, some people like to go into it without any prejudgements and spoilers. An impossible task really, when there is a cavalcade of trailers, TV spots, and online sites practically writing about it daily. Such as the case with Guardians of the Galaxy 2, which is ranked as one of the most buzzed about movies of 2017, right along side Star Wars: The Last Jedi. A lot of fans are trying to go into that fresh but finding it hard when Marvel is dangling Baby, tons of out of this world action, and rockin’ music seemingly every other week. Take for example this new TV spot, featuring David Bowie’s Suffragette City. Goddamn if temptation doesn’t get the better of you.  (more…)


This past weekend a new teaser trailer dropped for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and everyone went crazy. There previously was a “teaser” teaser trailer which gave us a few images to get us once again “Hooked on a Feelin,” but this new trailer gave us even more fun visuals and a brand new (well old) song to love. The first Guardians of the Galaxy movie was a surprise hit, so we know that the next film is going to be big. So it’s no surprise that the latest teaser for next year’s film already has been viewed a whole lot!



We’re getting closer and closer to the first Guardians of the Galaxy 2 trailer as James Gunn releases a first look at a new alien character from the much-anticipated sequel. Gunn’s Facebook post identifies Stephen Blackehart (Super) who was in Guardians of the Galaxy as the Nowhere Dispatcher. This time though, Blackehart is under a lot more makeup, take a look after the jump. (more…)