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New Guitar Hero Score Set By A Woman

Annie Leung

You think it’s all “rock out with your cock out” playing ‘Guitar Hero’, not anymore it isn’t. Rock still has long hair and make up of the eighties did but it’s on an actual woman now, and not Twisted Sister. It doesn’t hurt either when you’re not only crushing sexual stereotypes, but setting Guinness record for the highest score in the world on a game that makes people think they can actually play guitar.

25-year old gamer Annie Leung set the bar high on September 20th, 2010, putting all of us men to shame. She annihilated and set the score (for women) at 789,349 points on Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, finger tapping her way to success playing “Through the Fire and Flames” set to “Expert”. Makes all those hours of playing “Freebird” seem like wasted days now doesn’t it?

High score, Hot girl, no chance for you even on easy.

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If you find yourself at intersection of Hollywood and Highland in the Los Angeles area tomorrow and wonder what that pungent, knock you on your ass odor in the air is; it’s not the public transportation system, the homeless community or the L.A. Smog. It will be the result of 1,000+ unwashed asses. Yep, that’s right. The nerds are coming out to play. There will be an army of sweaty, smelly nerds dressed in spandex and latex for everyone to see and hold their noses at.

Finding a reason to actually get out of their parents basement, this deodorant-less mass  is actually attempting  a world record. Cosplayers (people who dress in costumes of characters from pop culture) are setting out to break the Guinness World Record for most people dressed in superhero costumes in one place at the same time.

The brave geeks will try to top the previous record (1,245 costumed folks) set in Melbourne, Australia back in May. Organizers have taken to Craigslist to put out the call to assemble to all available cosplayers. As the posting on Yelp states, fans of all ages are encouraged to, “Bring your kids, parents, and even Grandma Betty and dress up as Superman, Batman, or even Captain Planet but the point is: DRESS AS A SUPERHERO!” (Your granda looks like Yoda anyway, so just bring her down. She’ll count).

If they pull it off then a round of congratulations are in order. It takes a lot to find so many people dress up awkwardly in public. I hope the loved ones of these nerds finally realize the significance of their tireless devotion to playing dress up.

Hollywood Superhero World Record Attempt

Melbourne, Australia holds the current world record of most people dressed in superhero costumes, in one place at one time.

Los Angeles, Ca plans to top Australia’s record of 1245 people on August 27, 2010.

In just eleven days, the intersection of Hollywood and Highland will be filled with hundreds upon hundreds of costumed characters. We want YOU to be there!

Come in costume as your favorite superhero or character and remember it is welcome to families and kids too!

The more people attending the better the chances of stealing Australia’s title!

Arrive between 12:30 PM – 12:45 PM at the intersection of Hollywood & Highland IN COSTUME on August 27. Anyone arriving after 1:00 PM will not be counted as a part of the World Record attempt.

source: comicsalliance