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Put your mullet away and tell Slash to go home — Guitar Hero has strummed its last note.

Activision Blizzard announced Wednesday afternoon that it will close down its music video game division, which means the Guitar Hero franchise is toast. GH dies because of the massive declines in consumer purchases of music-genre games. You kidz ain’t buyin’ no mo’, apparently.

The Guitar Hero title that was scheduled for release this year has been shut down.

The Blizzard side of the company will see growth, however, as Activision Blizzard tackles a new MMO as well as Call of Duty projects.

What’s your take? Will you care about Guitar Hero’s demise? Do you still play Rock Band? Or have you transferred all your music energy to Dance Central and Just Dance?




Guitar Hero

New Guitar Hero Score Set By A Woman

Annie Leung

You think it’s all “rock out with your cock out” playing ‘Guitar Hero’, not anymore it isn’t. Rock still has long hair and make up of the eighties did but it’s on an actual woman now, and not Twisted Sister. It doesn’t hurt either when you’re not only crushing sexual stereotypes, but setting Guinness record for the highest score in the world on a game that makes people think they can actually play guitar.

25-year old gamer Annie Leung set the bar high on September 20th, 2010, putting all of us men to shame. She annihilated and set the score (for women) at 789,349 points on Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, finger tapping her way to success playing “Through the Fire and Flames” set to “Expert”. Makes all those hours of playing “Freebird” seem like wasted days now doesn’t it?

High score, Hot girl, no chance for you even on easy.

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Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption

Ya know, it’s been an awesome couple years of video games. Batman: Arkham Asylum, Red Dead Redemption, Bioshock, Dead Space… the list can go on (and if any of you nice readers likes to buy these games for this poor bastard, contact me). Each having its own fun gameplay, good story, and of course, nice graphics to look at.

Well,  junkboy has been making images of todays popular games  in 8-bit form, pretty much giving them a demake look that older gamers will appreciate. He’s done quite a lot of them, like the Red Dead Redemption one above, so check after the jump to look at all of them and see if your favorite game is on there. (more…)


Rock Band 3 ups the mother fucking ante with the introduction of a REAL WORKING FULLY FUNCTIONAL GUITAR.The Squire Stratocaster Pro controller can be plugged into in  an amp crank it to 11 while simultaneously rocking the game on your TV. For someone who is musically retarded (such as myself) this could turn out to be a great learning tool. Hell at least we’d be learning a skill other than hand eye coordination (which is important, but come on). Now when someone asks “Why do you have carpel tunnel syndrome at 13? You can so, no it isn’t chronic masturbation(lies) or video games, I was learning to play the guitar (sorta).  Stick around after the jump for a gigantic gallery full of sexy shots of this beast and a video of it in action.



Looking for a way to nerd out your outdoor Christmas display? Sure you could line the rim of your roof with lightsabers but you can do better than that. For example you could perhaps do what  former Disney ‘imagineer’ and special effects specialist Ric Turner did and turn your Christmas light display into a functional, garage sized Guitar Hero game made entirely out of lights. This incredible display, built out of 21,268 lights and LED’s plays Eric Jonhson’s “Cliffs of Dover” (see it in action in the video after the jump)


South Park Still Razor Sharp

I know South Park is a little dated. In fact Family Guy took over in the “No they D’int!” cartoon shock shows. But as I began getting back into the series, I realized how topical and relevant they remain, as well as still laugh out loud hilarious. (more…)

fagsSo for the past few years you guys have been living it big. Guitar Hero was successful enough to garner a sequel, good for you. This shit was so popular that Guitar Hero got picked up by a much larger company. Then came another sequel… and another… and another. You even made games based on bands, that’s really cool too. You brought awareness to rock music, again, that is also commendable. Harmonix, Boston based creators of Guitar Hero, decided to be cool and came out with Rock Band. Sweet. Some bands even got somewhat famous due to being included in these games. Hell, that itself is the best thing about all of this. But honestly, as a long time gamer and a pseudo-credible musician, this shit really irritates me now and all of this non-sense should really chill out for a bit. Read on and I will explain why, I think these games are bogus.  (more…)


Think again.


When Luke told me about this, my first thought was “he must be Asian“.  This fucking kid, I don’t know his name so we’ll just call him JESUS, was able to successfully solve two Rubik’s cubes while playing guitar hero on expert.  Jesus even got a 51 note streak.  I don’t know about you, but I am neither able to solve a Rubik’s cube or get a 51 note streak on expert… let alone both… at once…   In epic fashion, Jesus has pwnd all of us lesser beings, and he doesn’t even look old enough to have hair on his peaches.



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So you think you can play guitar?

We’ve all spent endless nights slamming the buttons of a Rock Band or Guitar Hero guitar, and thought that we were the freakin’ man.  Some of us take it a little too far, claims Mr. Chris of The New Underground.  “People have actually come up to me and said, ‘You play guitar?  My boyfriend is really good at guitar.  He plays Rock Band.’  It’s kind of ridiculous.  These people don’t know what playing a real instrument is like.”  

This has inspired me to create the [insert booming echoey voice] Scale of Legitimate  and Undeniable Talent or SLUT for short.