Guy Gardner


It seems that the somewhat convoluted history of DC Comics’ Green Lantern can be a blessing as well as a curse. When you say the name “Green Lantern” the exact character you might be referring to may depend on your point of reference. The most famous may be Hal Jordan, the character who’s been the center of the Green Lantern mythos since the 1960s, and was the subject of 2011 Green Lantern movie. There’s also John Stewart, the African-American Green Lantern introduced in the 1970s, and was the GL included amongst the animated Justice League. Alan Scott, Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner… So many possibilities. But now, when it comes to the next Green Lantern movie coming out in 2020 from Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment, the popular opinion seems to be why have one Lantern when you can have two? Or three? (more…)

The Interwebz, where nerd art runs wild. Oh, and they draw a lot too. Some times nerd art takes dark unspeakable forms, such as the day the black plague hit Equestria, oh the ponimanity. Other times it’s exactly what it should be. Yes, It’s time for a Nerd Art Dump.

ABOVE: By now millions of gamers are in the midst of this exact sight, after hours of playing Blizzard‘s Diablo 3 on their computers they and their room are wrecked. Since seeing a drawing of a sweating male gamer would make you pry your eyes out, we opted for the safer, more feminine version. [The Smiling Sam]

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