h.r. giger

giger bar

If you’ve ever done an Internet search for “coolest bars in the entire world”, you’ve likely stumbled upon a picture of one of Switzerland’s Giger Bars. Put together by H.R. Giger, the famous artist that did art design for Ridley Scott’s Alien flicks, these bars reflect the creepy and stylish appeal of those movies, yet with plenty of alcohol nearby. Unfortunately, these awesome establishments are very far away from people who live in the U.S. Well, that may not be the case for long, as another Giger Bar may be coming. (more…)

We are a couple months away from the premier of Prometheus, the newest Sci-Fi film by Ridley Scott. The film looks like – and has been assumed to be – a prequel to Scott’s Alien franchise, but it (apparently) has little, or nothing to do, with Xenomorph mythos. It’s (supposedly) just another Sci-Fi thriller with H.R. Giger inspired surrealism. On topic of the visual style, we have 16 new high resolution images to gawk at.

You can pleasure yourself to the recently released trailers if you like, but I think these images really allow you to appreciate the fetishistic sexual imagery that Scott is presenting. The behind-the-scene images are fun too. The pic of a lone Ridley Scott is pin-up calendar worthy.

Check out all 16 spiffy images after the jump: