Relativity Television is developing a television series based on Tim Seeley and Stefano Caselli’s comic book horror series Hack/Slash. Adrian Askarieh and Ray Ricord are producing and have brought in writer Skip Woods (A Good Day To Die Hard, Swordfish) to handle the scripting duties. Where this new series might end up is still a good question, regular network, cable, premium channel, Netflix or some other streaming service, along with all the new gaming systems trying to build streaming networks. (more…)


Recently, we had a chance to talk face to face with multi-talented comic book writer and artist Tim Seeley at New York Comic Con about his and Mike Norton‘s rural noir zombie thriller Revival, providing a contrast for The Walking Dead, becoming a highly sought after team with Norton, the status of the rumored Hack/Slash film, his interest in bringing his comics to TV or the big screen, and knowing where Revival will end thanks to Lost.


I realized something today. My Wednesday afternoons are officially written off. I’m spending far to much time down at my local comic book stores. Those little nexuses of nerdry can rope you into long winded debates with total strangers on just about anything.  Ain’t they great?

Well, I finally managed to wrestle myself away from a classic debate, ‘is it worse to be out at night in Gotham or Mos Esiley (Mos Esiley, btw… it doesn’t have the god damn Batman)’ and grab some books for this weeks ‘Attack of the New Comics Wednesday’.

DC’s New 52 is entering into its 3rd month and we’re still trying to figure out the continuity, so we’ll check out Action Comics #3. Have you been wondering how the west coast has been treating its mutant population? Oh, and if your really into boobs and zombies, I grabbed some of those too. (did I just say I grabbed boobs at the comic store? That would have been awesome)

Some fast and dirty reviews (with spoilers naturally) are up after the jump.