Looking back on “In Memoriam,” it was an interesting departure considering that our titular hero was almost completely benched, but it left so many questions unanswered… Seriously, where was Bo? What happened to Tamsin? Who was the Wanderer? When did having Jubilee powers count as a genuine fae ability? By comparison, “Sleepy Beauty School” went by at break neck speed. Bo is back! (“Succubus on a Train.”) Tamsin was found-ish. And we get our first look at the much feared Una mens, and damn, I can understand now why every fae was $#!%ing bricks. (more…)

‘Lost Girl’ Precap – Eyes Wide-WHAT?


Relationships became strained in last week’s episode of Lost Girl: Bo and Lauren realized their biological limitations, Kenzi found herself out of the loop, and office pets were once again proved to be a bad idea.

The case of the week involved a series of – shall we say – interesting suicides. Dyson and Tamsin come across a man trying to walk a tight rope between buildings, at some point it got into his head that this was a good idea. Like several people who have all died under mysterious, insane, and borderline self-inflicted circumstances, Dyson smells the scent of another Fae at the scene, and since all the victims have one thing in common, a new age therapy clinic, he reaches out to Bo to go undercover.

Posing as a couples therapist, Bo thinks she’s found a suspect in the clinic’s receptionist, a suicide Fae that feeds on the despair of people who kill themselves. But after another attempted murder/suicide, Bo begins to suspect another force. The bad guy turns out to be a Rakshasa, a shape-shifter who gets his victims jazzed up and euphoric before driving them to death. The Rakshasa lived at the clinic in the form of Dr. Bob, the clinic’s resident cat who spent most of his time in the office of hypnotherapist Dr. Palmer, setting the good-natured doctor up as a patsy. Dyson later goes undercover as a patient, but before he himself falls victim, and after being driven to believe that he can turn into a Griffin and flyaway, he’s saved by Bo and Tamsin in the nick of time.

But while all’s well that ends well for our heroes during their thrilling heroics, things were a little less certain on the home front. After getting into a fight over the ethical grey matter in posing as a doctor, Bo is seriously injured saving a potential victim of the Rakshasa. Unable to feed as well as she needs to off the utterly human Lauren, Dyson insists that Bo feed off of him so that her injuries heal completely. At the end, it’s time for true confession. Bo tells Lauren about the purely clinical dalliance with Dyson, to which Lauren reacts in a slightly stung, but utterly mature way. As a doctor, Lauren knows that biologically she can’t be all she needs to be for Bo for them to be monogamous, so they agree to find a way to make sure Bo gets what she needs while still being a couple. There’s just one rule: no Dyson. Bo can never feed on her ex-boyfriend again.

In other news, Kenzi tries to talk to Bo about her own growing medical condition. The rash on her arm is getting worse, the same rash that was inflicted on her after Kenzi’s confrontation with the Norn. With Bo busy, Kenzi reaches out to Hale, who’s bogged down with his new and very important duties as Ash. But when Kenzi interrupts a key ritual, she wears out her welcome with Hale too, and wandering alone at night on the streets, she takes another look at that rash before being dragged away by some unknown force.

And now that we know where we’ve been, let’s find out where we’re going. Here’s the preview of tonight’s new episode, “Faes Wide Shut”:

1) Swingers – Following last week’s realization that, for the time being, monogamy isn’t in the cards for Blauren, Bo and the Doc go trolling for tail at the Dal. Lauren’s putting on brave face as they try and find a Fae strumpet for Bo to feed on, but she’s hoping this kind of night out is temporary till science can offer an option to make a more traditional relationship possible. Still, a couple going out to the bar to pick up a third is little throwback to 70s sexy fun, which leads us to…

2) The Case of the Week – A human man comes how to his -ahem- eager wife, who sees him spontaneously turn to green slime and splatter all over the kitchen floor. The key, literally and figuratively, to the case is a sex club run by a Fae named Roman. Roman is a Bacchus, so named after the Ancient Rome counterpart to Dionysus, Greek God of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, ritual madness and ecstasy.

3) The Unusual Suspects – Although Roman is Light Fae, and been a fine purveyor of debauchery for hundreds of years, don’t expect that he’s not up to no good. Still, a good mystery comes with a twist, and this episode is no exception. Let me give you a clue: Octopussy.

4) The Other Case of the Week – Another body turns up, this one not gooey, but as Dyson discovers, it’s got Bo’s scent all over her. Tamsin is obviously excited about this prospect, but Bo claims to have no idea about how the girl in question ended up dead. By the end of the episode, someone ‘s going to get a clue that everyone’s favorite succubus may not always be in the driver’s seat of her own life.

5) Speaking of Identity Crises... – You’ll remember that last week’s episode ended with Kenzi in trouble. Her Norn inflicted arm rash looked like a full-blown case of flesh-eating disease, and that was right before – something – tripped her and took her away. But this week, Kenzi’s back to normal, hanging out at home, looking for strange cases for her and Bo to solve together. But if you notice that there’s something off about Kenz you might be on to something. Watch her interactions with the gang for subtle hints.

6) Terrible Double Entendre Pun of the Week – Courtesy of Trick after finding out what his granddaughter and her girlfriend are up to: “So many glasses… Must polish.”

7) Burning Questions – “What’s your show again?” “How about a little privacy?” “You wanna get kinky at a sex club with your granddaughter?” “Did you really see that girl leave?” “How much do I owe you for the beer, bar keep?”

8) How Does it End? – “So tell me bitch, where the hell is Kenzi?”

Next Week: Well, that would be telling. Especially seeing as how next week is about everybody spilling secrets. (Shhhhut up.)

‘Lost Girl’ Pre-Cap – Killer Croc?

If you’re a regular reader of Nerd Bastards, you will have caught my Top 10 Nerdy TV Shows of 2012 list, in which Lost Girl finished in the number one spot. So with the premiere of season 3, I’m sure some of you might have wondered if we might do something more in-depth with the show, and we answer: Of course!

But what?

You see, I’m Canadian. (Hold your applause.) And since Lost Girl is produced by the Canadian cable network Showcase, we get new episodes of the show a whole week before you Yanks, and a thought occurred to me. Now was the time for an entirely new kind of TV journalism: the Pre-cap! It’s not as detailed as a re-cap, because you haven’t seen the episode yet, while at the same time, hopefully, giving you a little bit more to wet your appetite than the average preview. The result, I hope, will a fun and unique way to revel in the fandom of this unique Canadian hit. Or should we say Faendom? Actually, no, let’s stick with fandom.