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ABOVE: Bianca Beauchamp as Harley Quinn. That latex costume is a wee too tight. Lack of circulation… no wonder Harley is certifiably insane. [Bianca Beauchamp]


This Week in Video Games 10-06

I know this column is titled “This Week in Video Games,” even though it’ll be on a bi-weekly basis. Unfortunately, “These Past Two Weeks in Video Games” doesn’t have much of a ring to it; you’ll just have to deal with it until we come up with something better. This week, we take a look at the launch of GTA Online (is it running yet?), the Battlefield 4 beta launches, and Valve unveils its new hardware, and maybe even confirms a certain game we’ve all been waiting for?

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There’s some Half Life 3 shenanigans going on over at Valve, some goings-on and flipery-dippery-doings. Yeah, I don’t really know what that means either, but I do know that a resourceful fan of the gaming forum, NeoGAF dug up confirmation that Valve has trademarked Half Life 3 for European markets.

This is just the latest in a series of Half Life 3 tidbits that are all pointing toward Valve finally bringing the third installment of Gordon Freeman’s Odyssey to save humanity to gamers everywhere.

Don’t forget that Valve is working on a box system of hardware to compete with other gaming consoles. What better way to promote the debut of that system then have one of the most requested and anticipated video games of all time as the flag-ship game for that new system.

The storm is gathering, whether we’ll actually get some Half Life rain this time around is still uncertain, but where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and Valve is puffing like Snoop Lion at a concert back stage.

What do you think? Is it finally going to happen? Will it, could it possibly live up to all the Internet hype and expectations?

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abrams newell

He’s already got himself elbow-deep in the Star Trek and Star Wars franchises, but apparently even that isn’t enough for the soon-to-be legendary geek-lord J.J. Abrams.  Since he’s got so much time on his hands, he decided that a venture into the world of video games and video game movies might be just the thing.  According to a report by Wired, Abrams’ production studio Bad Robot will be teaming up with Valve in the near future.

The two had a few telling things to say while speaking at the recent DICE Summit.  According to Abrams:

There’s an idea we have for a game that we’d like to work with Valve on.

And according to Valve bigwig, Gabe Newell:

We’re going to figure out if we can make a Portal movie or Half-Life movie together.

So it seems that the two see eye to eye on the inherit connections between video game and movie storytelling.  What’s more, they look willing to put their money where their mouths are.  With this pair working together, audiences may see some actual good video game movies in the future.

Of course, it might be a while if Abrams wants to keep that Disney-imposed Star Wars release date of 2015.


Thanks to Wired for the heads-up.

Amazing Half-Life Fan FIlm


Are you like me and tired of waiting for the next Half-Life game to come out? Do you walk around waiting for Dog to appear and present you with a gravity gun?

Well, you’re in luck!

A group of aspiring filmmakers have shot an incredible 12 minute film about a character named Adrian Shephard and a band of resistance fighters struggling to get out a warning about the impending invasion.

Check out the great video, entitled “Beyond Black Mesa” after the jump.

ANd keep an eye out for a cameo by the greatest weapon in the history of videogames – the crowbar.

Steam Makes Its Way To The Mac

valve-steamAfter so many teases that weren’t subtle, Valve (the lovely people that brought us Left 4 Dead, Half-Life, and more), has confirmed officially that Steam, their awesome digital distribution platform, will be available to the Mac next month. Valve will be treating the Mac 100x better than PS3 users as they will release a function called Steam Play, where PC users who bought games before can also play those exact game on their Mac for free. Not to mention, multi-player will be cross platform as Mac players can go head to head with PC users and maybe the age old question can be answered, who’s better, Mac or PC users. The folks at Valve had this to say:

“We are treating the Mac as a tier-1 platform so all of our future games will release simultaneously on Windows, Mac, and the Xbox 360. Updates for the Mac will be available simultaneously with the Windows updates. Furthermore, Mac and Windows players will be part of the same multiplayer universe, sharing servers, lobbies, and so forth. We fully support a heterogeneous mix of servers and clients. The first Mac Steam client will be the new generation currently in beta testing on Windows.”

I’m happy for Mac fans to finally get some great gaming available to them… of course this just leaves me high and dry since I only have a PS3 and for some damn reason Valve hates Sony’s machine. I swear, if for some odd reason Valve supports Nintendo Wii before the PS3, I am going to go Gordan Freeman on some ones ass.

Source: Giant Bomb