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It’s October, the season of fall clothes, apple cider, and pumpkin flavored everything. It’s also of course, the month of Halloween. The time of the year where everyone gets in the spooky spirit, dressing up in costumes, hosting ghoulish parties, trick or treating w/ the kids, and watching  of horror movie marathons. October also marks the emergence of local scare parks. Every town/city across the globe has local haunts that roll around each fall season aiming to scare guests with frightful mazes and other horror themed attractions. Some are good and well established (Like “Knotts Scary Farm” in Buena Park, California, or New England’s “Spooky World”) and others, well, not so much. For the brave souls that endure the parks, the thrill seekers, there is one scary destination that raises a severed limb above the rest. That would be…Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. Odd to think an amusement park known for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter would be synonymous with horror but during select nights in September – October, the daytime fun phases out and what emerges in its place is an evening full of insidious horrors.

What exactly is HHN, what’s all the hubbub, is it worth it? All these questions and more are addressed below the jump.  (more…)


While an aging Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter, stars of the Bill & Ted Franchise, have said time and time again that a 3rd movie is in development, time, relevance, and scripting out a worthy story, has kept the proposed threequel in stagnation. It’s been 25 years since Bill and Ted’s last cinematic outing (in 1991’s Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey), a new movie that satisfies fans of the originals and appeals to modern audience becomes more and more audacious as the years go by. These challenges in congruity, however, only seem to apply to the Bill & Ted movie-verse. The characters themselves, are still around, thriving in their loveable stupidity and surfer-eques/wannabe rocker demeanor, at an annual stage show in Universal Studios Florida(more…)


On select nights from September 18th through November 1st, 2015 something spooky happens at Universal Studios theme parks. No, we’re not talking about long lines at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Universal turns into a scream park, known for the last 20 years as Halloween Horror Nights – with haunted houses, horrifying mutants, monsters and maniacs abound.

Now a new and familiar terror has been added to the horror nights lineup, in The Exorcist. (more…)


How’s this for a mash-up?

Bill and Ted travel to the land of Oz where they meet Gay Superman, the crew of the USS Enterprise, General Zod, Wreck-It Ralph, Amanda Bynes, and the ghost of  late Glee star Cory Monteith (in the form of a tornado).

This could have been absurdly awesome–instead, the producers decided to go in another direction, and put on a show offensive to every moral, ethical, artistic, and simply HUMAN sensibility imaginable. (more…)

I’ll be honest; when I first heard about this, I thought “God, that stupid movie is getting even MORE exposure. Why won’t they give the game that the damned series is based upon the spotlight for once?” Well, it seems I misspoke… er, missthought. Anywho, it turns out that the Resident Evil game series, which will always hold a very special in my heart, is being featured in one of the Halloween Horror Nights attractions at Universal Orlando Resort this October!

Now, the set up that they are creating will be centered on Raccoon City, which, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the early games in the series, is where the whole story began, but it hasn’t been featured in a main series game in almost 14 years. With the horrible reception that Resident Evil 6 received, it’s not surprising that they are going back to such an iconic setting from the series. It is surprising, however, that they are adding Resident Evil at all, considering the already zombie heavy and much-more-popular-at-the-moment Walking Dead will be featured in its own Walking Dead: No Safe Haven haunted house at the event.

The Resident Evil house, titled Resident Evil: Escape from Raccoon City, will feature a bunch of your favorite enemies from the original 3 titles, including zombies, Cerberus, those pain in the ass Lickers (see what I did there?), and series favorite, Nemesis. They are also focusing on representing the more minor details from the game, even having one scene appear as if you’d pulled up the pause menu.

Regarding the project and Capcom collaborating with Universal, Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, Producer of Resident Evil 6, had this to say,

It’s such a great delight to work with Universal on a haunted house based on the Resident Evil games. The games have become synonymous with survival horror and we look forward to delivering a new way for consumers to experience the Resident Evil world we have created in the haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights.

This sounds pretty awesome, but I’m not sure if it’d be worth me flying down to Orlando to check out. Anyone out there making a special trip to Raccoon City this fall to, once again, enter the world of survival horror? Goodluck…


cabin in the woods

Ever wanted to take a trip through one of your favorite horror films?  While basing an amusement park ride on a movie is nothing new, horror movies are usually not the subject of choice when it comes to these attractions.  Unless you happen to be at Universal Orlando during their Halloween Horror Nights.  And this time around, they’ll be presenting us with a face-to-face experience with Cabin in the Woods.

According to important people who happen to work for Universal Orlando,

We are building the cabin completely. You’re going to walk through a forest to get there. You’re going into the cabin. You’re going to go into the cube cells. We’re literally taking everything we can in the film and giving you a kind of best-of montage of the film with this kind of linking story. You’re going to be in the control room when merman attacks.

Unfortunately, it won’t be a permanent addition to the park, despite all the trouble they’re going through to set it up.  It’s only around for the Halloween Horror Nights, so you’ll have to show between September 20th and November 2nd to have a look.

Sucks for me, considering I live on the exact fucking opposite side of the country!  Still, this much awesome may well be worth the price of a place ticket.


Thanks to io9 for the heads-up.