This week started with news that Paramount was pulling its latest Friday the 13th movie from the schedule, and it now ends with the reveal that the Halloween reboot is going forward. Last year, it was announced that rights holder Miramax was teaming up with new House of Horror Blumhouse to reboot the vaunted slasher franchise, and it was coming with the approval and involvement of the man that started it all: John Carpenter. So now Miramax, Blumhouse and Carpenter have come to a decision, and they all agree, the best people to bring us the new phase of Halloween are the guys behind Pineapple Express. (more…)


For many cosplayers, creating costumes is about paying tribute to as many of your favourite characters as you can. For others, it’s about finding something you’re really good at, something you love, and honing your ability to create it until you could be mistaken for the real thing. Katie Sheddock is one such artist. She started consplaying in her teens and soon found it to be a great outlet for her love of zombies. Over the past few years, she has experimented with materials and styles to join the ranks of the walking undead. At the first ever Walker Stalker Con UK, she was spotted and her face is now emblazoned across the promos for next year’s event. (more…)


Hollywood beefs start over the smallest things. To wit, you’ll recall that in 2007, Rob Zombie made a remake of Halloween, and in a documentary about the effort Zombie said that original Halloween director John Carpenter was “cold” to his efforts to honour the ballad of Michael Myers, disgruntled babysitter killer. Carpenter didn’t like that, and in a Q&A earlier this week the legendary filmmaker said he had nothing but support for Zombie as he remade his legacy (and some would say butcher it). But just as quickly as this flared up, the feud now seems to be over. Carpenter has called it, and he says he and Zombie have “buried the hatchet.” And not in each other. (more…)

31 banner

I’m not here to brighten your miserable day. I am here to end your miserable life.”

Director Rob Zombie is bringing back some twisted and demented horror to the big screen. Zombie’s followers have been clamoring for the release of his film ‘31,’ his latest output sine 2014’s ‘The Zombie Horror Picture Show,’ and now we get a fantastic look at what the writer/director has in store come this September. The trailer for the film 31, which is being dubbed as “his most twisted film yet” certainly evokes the kind of imagery you would expect from Zombie. (more…)


If you didn’t think much of Rob Zombie’s two Halloween reboots, which focused on why Michael Myers’ white trash family turned him into a babysitter killing psycho and literally being born under a bad moon (apparently), then take heart because the man that started the whole things is coming back. Halloween wasn’t just a very popular horror movie in its own right, but it was seminal and inspirational, kicking off a whole series of slasher films that borrowed the tropes and tricks that it established. So for the 11th film to carry the Halloween name, the production looks to be bringing back John Carpenter, the man who co-wrote, directed and scored the original film back in 1978. (more…)


Halloween is right around the corner, and with it comes an annual offering of frightful films.  Along with the recently released Green Inferno, this year promises frights for kids with this weekend’s Goosebumps, frights for lovers with Guillermo Del Toro’s Crimson Peak, and frights for those who can stand the shaky-cam with the latest (and final?) entry in the Paranormal Activity franchise, Ghost Dimension.  Hell, for those that just want to be tortured for 90 minutes, there’s even the new Jem movie coming next week, which will have theaters pulling double duty as torture chambers during the two weeks the guaranteed flop is in wide release.  Yes, October is the perfect time of year for Hollywood to unleash the terror and, this year, a new film maker has been added to the list of “Purveyors of Horror”: the wonderful Karen Gillan. (more…)

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On select nights from September 18th through November 1st, 2015 something spooky happens at Universal Studios theme parks. No, we’re not talking about long lines at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Universal turns into a scream park, known for the last 20 years as “Halloween Horror Nights” – with haunted houses and horrifying mutants, monsters and maniacs abound.

Now a new and familiar terror has been added to the horror nights lineup, in Michael Myers from the cult-classic horror film franchise Halloween. (more…)


The recent mega-crossovers for both DC Comics and Marvel have focused on the collapsing multiverse, a concept where in multiple universes, anything that could have happened, did happen. With today’s announcement about the next Halloween movie, the horror/slasher series started by John Carpenter in 1978, I can’t help but wonder if the world of Michael Myers needs a similar pallet cleanser. After six movies (including the non-Myers part 3), Halloween H20 erased the continuity from everything but the first and second movie. Then, after Halloween: Resurrection, came Rob Zombie‘s two Halloween series entries which were themselves remakes of the whole series. And now, a new pair of filmmakers is going back to the beginning. Or at last Halloween II. The first one. To tell the latest iteration of the babysitter killer saga. (more…)


As we all know, Halloween is a hodge and a podge of various cultural and religious traditions. The Jack O’ lantern, the holiday’s cheerful, grinning orange mascot is based on an old Irish legend of a man who was so evil he was kicked out of Hell. Jack was sentenced to wander for all eternity, with only a burning coal inside a hollowed-out turnip to light his way. Upon their arrival in America, the Irish found that the pumpkin was a far more user-friendly carving medium for their disturbing little tradition.

Trick Or Treating also has Celtic origins: On the festival of Samhain, the spirits of the dead walked the earth, and people would leave food out for them, hoping this would keep the dead from vexing the living.

It became an American tradition in the early 20th century as a way of keeping the young from vexing homeowners. Essentially, the adults of America made a deal with the nation’s children: “Stop breaking and burning our cities every October 31st, and you can go to any home you want and get free candy”. America’s youth accepted, and Trick Or Treating has been practiced in nearly every American community for almost a century.

Today, we explore the nerdiest of Halloween traditions: The Halloween horror movie marathon.



Daniel Radcliffe’s new movie ‘Horns’ looks like a mix of comedy and horror. Not the kind of gory horror that we got from Raimi’s ‘Evil Dead,’ and definitely not the kind of slapstick comedy we found in his ‘Evil Dead 2’. But there’s a seriously disturbing tone to this supernatural story and the concept is pretty silly: the townsfolk think this guy killed his girlfriend and they look on him as something of a monster. So he gradually becomes one,  slowly sprouting horns on his head and seemingly becoming either a devil or a demon. Mandalay and Red Granite Pictures have adapted this story from Joe Hill’s novel. And now we have an international trailer for this piece. Check it out on the other side – it’s a bevy of dark fun and unsettling images. (more…)