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Love him, hate him, or just ignore him, one has to admit that Glenn Beck is an entertainer. Usually the best parts of his shows are when he goes into one of his patented raving rants. One of Beck’s Radio Show’s more interesting rants led him to say that George Lucas should be tried for movie crimes, not only for what he has done to a beloved franchise, but also for producing “Red Tails.”

Glenn Beck took a few moments from his usual show time of railing against big government, the Obama administration and lawmakers who ignore the U.S. Constitution to add George Lucas to the list of things that irritate him.

Beck went on a two-segment rant Monday against Lucas during his radio show, heard by some 8 million people daily, where he joked that the filmmaker deserves prison time for his portrayal of the Tuskegee Airmen in Red Tails. And because at least three of the Star Wars movies stunk and Lucas has been making them worse with each re-release.

Lucas took the gun out of the hand of Han Solo “and replaced it with flowers, I don’t know what,”

he said, referencing the “Han shot first” controversy. Then he added:

“Next version, why don’t you replace it with good acting.”

“Here’s an idea,”

Beck said,

“why don’t the people at your little ranch, why don’t they use all the CGI to make you go away — with all your influence. You’re wrecking good movies.

“I don’t know how he does it,” Beck said. “Is that the Industrial Light and Magic you’re always talking about, George? You can take somebody like Natalie Portman and all of a sudden she’s awful on screen? Awful!”

Beck said he saw the 3D version of Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace over the weekend, and was stunned at how irritating Jake Lloyd was as a young Anakin Skywalker.

“He could have gotten any kid – any kid – Jesus. Jesus could have been teaching at the temple, on the stairs, and they could have said, ‘Hang on, we’ve been looking for you because George Lucas wants you to play Anakin Skywalker,’ and Jesus would have said yes to that. Who does he get? He gets the worst actor on the planet.”

“This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life,”

On Red Tails, Beck said:

“We can’t get past the George Lucas conversation here in the studio. I would like him at least tried for movie crimes. I’m not going for the death penalty, but you could talk me into it.”

“I can’t get past it,”

Beck said.

“I saw Red Tails, which is one of the best stories, and I think all of the Tuskegee Airmen should come back and just riddle his compound.”

Beck hits a lot of the nails (that fans have been bitching and moaning about for years) right on the head when it comes to George Lucas’s movie making and changes made to the franchise.

What did you think about his rant?

Agree, or Agree to Disagree? 

Via: THR ( The Hollywood Reporter) 


(Why, yes Virginia, that is a Han Shot First shirt George Lucas is wearing . . . and there is a Santa Clause, no matter what George Lucas tells you.)

Not content with nuking Harrison Ford’s Indy in the fridge, George Lucas has decided to attempt to wreck another of Harrison’s beloved characters by telling everyone that Han NEVER shot first. 

George Lucas felt the need to “clear up the confusion” about the controversial “Han Shot First” Star Wars issue, so now he claims that Han NEVER shot first. That’s right, apparently in the original cut of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, which has since been changed, Greedo shot at Han first. Apparently the scene shots just weren’t clear to audiences over all these years and he had to go in and make it clear. In order to make us understand that Han Solo is not a cold-blooded killer. 

Here’s how Lucas recently explained it in an interview with THR:

“The controversy over who shot first, Greedo or Han Solo, in Episode IV, what I did was try to clean up the confusion, but obviously it upset people because they wanted Solo [who seemed to be the one who shot first in the original] to be a cold-blooded killer, but he actually isn’t. It had been done in all close-ups and it was confusing about who did what to whom. I put a little wider shot in there that made it clear that Greedo is the one who shot first, but everyone wanted to think that Han shot first, because they wanted to think that he actually just gunned him down.”

This is the most direct answer to this epic Star Wars question that Lucas has ever given. The question for you is… do you believe him? Do you believe that Greedo shot first like he claims? Or like me are you steadfast in your belief that Han shot and killed Greedo? Do you even care if it was originally meant for Greedo to shoot first or do you like that piratical feel the scene gave the character of Han Solo?  

Let’s address this “cold blooded killer” thought. Greedo had a gun IN HIS HAND POINTED at Han the entire scene. How is it “Cold Blooded” to DEFEND yourself against someone POINTING a gun at you while telling you that he is going to KILL YOU.

That is called SELF DEFENSE!

If you needed any help to decide, you can watch the original version of the scene and the changed version of the scene to compare.

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