Harald Zwart


Sony does not have the power to make a a good He-Man movie. They do, however, have fabulous secret powers at ruining one beloved franchise after another (Ghost Rider, Amazing Spider-Man). And with all do respect to the following directors, Sony’s latest reported choices in talent to helm a new live-action He-Man movie is… well, it just makes you wanna  tell them to shove the power sword up a place that makes Fisto and Ram-Man smile. (more…)

Remember what happened when the Japanese anime Dragonall Z was turned into a live action movie, it went down faster than a back alley cheap trick. Well looks like another anime series is getting the live action treatment ,but it won’t be throwing around punches and tight suited girls, it’ll be throwing ‘Bakugan’. Directed by Harald Zwart, the Karate Kid director has taken the captain’s chair and is making the live-action adaptation of the children’s game and popular anime series Bakugan Battle Brawlers. It’s only natural for Hollywood to make such a move, they’ve gone after North American board games like Battleship so why not tackle the Japanese gaming market.

Now just what is Bakugan Battle Brawlers? Here’s a video:

Are you serious about this Zwart? You went from taking a 40 million dollar movie, that made 400 million worldwide and your going to be a part of this garbage. It could be understandable if it was a live-action Pokemon or Digimon movie but this! A series that consists of tossing magnetic balls onto cards and seeing who has the stronger “monster”. After looking up just what this show is about, it’s literally a group of kids that “roll marble-like balls that turn into powerful monsters when rolled onto game cards”, you might as well signal defeat.

We already know that just like the anime and all the toys, it’s going to make money regardless of plot. Hell, this is a show that actually failed in Japan, Japanese children didn’t even like this show. Yet, somehow it became a success in the United States and Canada so I guess it still has a market somewhere. We can only wait and see what Harald has in store for this property and just what he’ll do. With all of it’s special effects that it’s going to have it won’t make money unless it’s marketable and more importantly successful.

source: Slashfilm