Hardcore Henry


Whenever members of Saturday Night Live graduate to movies, and that movie is somewhat less than successful at maintaining laughs, a critic might often be heard to refrain “that might have worked better as a five-minute sketch, but…” The same might be said for Hardcore Henry, a film notable for being told entirely from the first-person point of view. A frantic, fuel-injected ADHD action spectacle that’s perhaps the closest a movie has come yet to capturing the visceral look and feeling of playing a video game. But like the old saying goes, a little goes a long way, but despite the relatively brief 90-minute running time, Hardcore Henry would have probably worked better as a five minute sketch. (more…)



We’ve known this for a while: movies are jealous of vidya. Not just because of the more immersive experiences they can offer simply through interaction, but also because they rake in a whole lot  more cash. And with First Person Shooters being a staple of gaming since DOOM, this approach seems like a good starting point toward merging both mediums together. Hardcore Henry is definitely not the first film to attempt this (not even the first attempt by director Ilya Naishuller to pull off this exact result) but it’s definitely a step in the right direction…