Harold Perrineau


For many, the Francis Lawrence-helmed take on Constantine, everyone’s favorite English exorcist and master of the dark arts, was a massive disappointment (despite the fact that it was a pretty solid big budget fantasy noir with an incredible, androgynous turn from Tilda Swinton as Gabriel the Arc Angel). The film jettisoned the English origins of the character, tailoring it to Keanu Reeves’ movie star persona while shoehorning in a side-character played by Shia LeBeouf (which never bodes well for studio adaptations of geek properties).

Now comes NBC, whose upcoming TV take on the character looks like it’s going to atone for the sins Lawrence committed in the eyes of fans. Today we get out first look at their small-screen take on the DC/Vertigo supernatural detective and it looks like they may have a huge winner on their hands.


Let the ‘Constantine’ Casting Begin!


The NBC adaptation of DC/Vertigo’s Hellblazer comic series is in full force. And as production moves ahead, one of the first things to deal with is, naturally, a little bit of casting. It looks like we’ve got a number of faces showing up this week, slowly filling the ranks of colorful characters that make the world of Constantine their home. Scroll on to see who is coming on board thus far. (more…)