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The progress of getting a new Ghostbusters film has been glacial in pace, but with Paul Feig on board to direct, and a new cast of all-female supernatural investigators and eliminators including Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones being hired, it seems that a third Ghostbusters movie might finally be a thing. But what of poor Dan Aykroyd? The star and co-writer of the original film has been the biggest cheerleader for a third film, but with the new direction under Feig it seems he’s been kind of shut out of the process. You think Aykroyd’s going to take that lying down? Nuh-uh. Despite the seeming inevitability of the Feig Ghostbusters, Aykroyd is saying that yes – *sigh* – he’s still looking to make his third Ghostbusters adventure. (more…)


Here’s something to dig your teeth into! Paul Feig‘s highly anticipated reboot/sequel/same-universe/re-imagining all-female Ghostbusters may just have just have found one of his four paranormal crime-busters. Since the films announcement, hardcore fans of the classic 80s comedy have been on tenterhooks, “gossiping” and speculating about which actresses might be suiting up and dawning the proton packs. There are no stars officially attached to the project yet, but, finally we have some information regarding a conversation Feig had with Rebel Wilson. By the looks of things, this could have the potential to be a combination of Bridesmaids meets Ghostbusters. (more…)


We’ve been Ghostbusters 3 hurt before. First there’s the rumor, then the inevitable comments from Dan Aykryod that it is happening and that is usually followed by the Bill Murray denials and balloon of hope popping statements. It’s been happening since 1989, so when word was going around in 2008 that we might finally see a Ghostbusters 3 movie, a lot of us just crossed our fingers and said a silent prayer. That time it seemed to have some legs, Sony confirmed that they had hired Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg, writers for NBC‘s the Office to flesh out a Ghostbusters 3 script. What followed was classic Ghostbusters 3 drama that ended with no movie. What happened and where is the finished script? (more…)


After 25 years of waiting, Ghostbusters fans are going to get a brand new Ghostbusters movie. We’ve been teased and had promises made before. Sometimes it was hard to keep up with where Bill Murray stood concerning another Ghostbusters sequel, one day he was on Letterman saying he was ready and the next he would appear in an interview saying there was no way any sequel with him involved would happen. Dan Aykroyd was the one we could always count on, perhaps TOO MUCH, to say that a sequel was in the works or a script was being written, only to see those hopes dashed as Murray would poo-poo it or financing would never materialize. With the loss of Harold Ramis last year, a lot of us Ghostbusters fans resigned ourselves to the fact that we’d never see a Ghostbusters sequel and allowed ourselves the outside hope that one day someone would reboot the series. Now it seems that we’ve gotten our wish, but will you still feel the same when you hear the details? (more…)


Admit it, you see any headline with the words “Ghostbusters III and you start laughing uncontrollably. From Dan Aykroyd‘s seemingly endless self-obsession with the project, to the will-he-or-won’t-he participation of Bill Murray, to the sad and untimely death of Harold Ramis, it seemed as though the gods themselves were lining up against this thing from ever happening. For many film fans still buned by Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, another sequel too long in the works to be so disappointing, that was probably for the best. The official departure of Ivan Reitman from Ghostbusters III early this week seemed like the last call for attempts to get the movie made, but Sony works in mysterious ways and have recruited, what might be, the perfect pair of filmmakers to finally make this a reality: Chris Miller and Phil Lord. (more…)


Ghostbusters 3 just lost another one of its people of influence. Deadline reports that Ivan Reitman has stepped away from the project as its director, and will instead produce. It comes as no surprise, but the tragic death of star and friend Harold Ramis was the deciding factor for Reitman. For those unaware, Reitman was one of the key collaboratives to the franchise, having directed the first two Ghostbuster films. Now, you would think with Reitman’s departure, Ramis’ passing and the disinterest of Bill Murray, production would be nullified. Nope, Ghostbusters 3 soldiers on. The search for a new director begins. (more…)


It seems like the last thing anyone would want to talk about following the death of Harold Ramis would be the fate of a film that has been little more than a habitual threat for more than a decade, but here we are, with reports that all systems are still go on Ghostbusters III. The world keeps spinning and commerce never gets a day off, I suppose, anyway, here are the details:


Bill Murray Owes You Nothing


Yesterday, Harold Ramis died. He was a brilliant comic mind, a gifted director, writer, and performer. Beyond his art, he was also a father, a husband, and a friend. Surely, this loss leaves a gaping hole in the lives of those most closely tied to him and his death makes many of us incredibly sad because we enjoyed so much of what he did.

There is an impulse to share that grief among like minded people. On Twitter, on Facebook, in articles like the one I wrote yesterday. That’s how people express themselves, and while the outpouring might be a comfort from afar to those people in his life, viewed out of the corner of a tear filled eye, make no mistake, our grief does not match theirs and it has zero right to intrude upon or judge it.  (more…)

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For many of us, the news is still settling in about the death of one of the preeminent comedy writers of our time. Harold Ramis has passed on and, unfortunately, the technology to raise him from the dead has yet to be invented. So, alas, we must say goodbye, as much as we’d rather not. One place in particular is saying goodbye in their own way with an amazingly awesome tribute to Ramis. (more…)