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Harry Potter Cast Reflects in One Word…

Empire Magazine put together a huge Harry Potter themed issue and decide that there was one burning question they needed the cast to answer.

Sum up your Harry Potter acting experience in one word.

Empire filmed the answers and put together this little video. Take a look and let NerdBastards know which word was your favorite in the comments below. If you had to sum up your Harry Potter viewing experience over the last ten years what would that word be?

Harry Potter Theme Park Details

You can thank ToplessRobot for this day, which is to live in infamy for people like me who are HarryHaters…What’s next? Twilight the Theme Park? Universal Studios will likely amass international Twatter Pilgrimages for denizens of the world to squeeze their obese bodies into line for. Why not Lord of the Rings? Huh? I don’t get it. These books take place across an expansive Middle Earth, ripe for park design. HP is 90% inside a school. So go ahead kids, go on vacation from school just to go to a place thats just like school, but with lines that are hours long, not too mention hot and humid and full of fat ignorant Americans, AND I AM AMERICAN!…..

Anyways for you fans, this is the list of what spoilers await you at this living nightmare.