Somewhere in Hawaii, it begins. And by “it,” I mean Jurassic World, the long-awaited (in development) third sequel to Steven Spielberg‘s 1993 blockbuster, Jurassic Park. Some sneaky Pete’s snapped some shots of the currently being constructed set of Jurassic World in the Aloha state, at the same location they filmed the first film 22 years ago. The spy pics are below, but be warned, they don’t show much unless you’re gaga for buildings in the process of being built. (more…)

So it seems that if you want to know anything about Star Trek 2, you don’t go to director J.J. Abrams… you just go to Doctor Leonard McCoy. After accidentally letting slip a very spoilerish detail about the upcoming sequel, Dredd star Karl Urban teased fans by putting up a special look into Star Trek 2 on YouTube: “Star Trek Comic Con Sneak Peak”.  So get ready for beaches, cool water and green screen!

Sorry, we’re kind of messing with you. The footage from this “sneak peek” is actually nothing more than Urban surfing in Hawaii to Cage the Elephant‘s “Shake Me Down’. Besides Urban showing off his sweet surfing skills, there’s nothing much to the video. Until the last ten seconds, where we see Abrams and there’s an exlamation from off-screen saying “That’s a wrap!” Wanna see? Of course you do, and it’ll be at the 3:46 mark:

Now for those of you wondering what Abrams and his pals there are holding, it’s the slate, a color chart, a grey ball usually set to 50% grey and a mirror ball used to capture the environment to use on reflections of CG elements. All of these other than the slate are used as part of post-production.

Kind of sucks since most people, ourselves included, were expecting some special scene or a CGI explosion instead of four minutes of surfing. At least we got to see something anyway and some footage is better than no footage at all.

Source: /Film