hawkeye’s outfit

While people have been excited to hear word from Marvel about Joss Whedon’s film The Avengers, the company has been pretty tight-lipped. With no panel presentation, people are having to settle for the post credit sequence in Captain America to glean any pertinent information about this upcoming film. Don’t worry though my little ‘nerdbastees the Marvel booth isn’t a complete fail!  If anything they are featuring Captain America’s “new” suit, which has slight modifications from the World War II era version and pieces of concept art that reveal Hawkeye’ outfit, along with images of Iron Man and Black Widow. I immediately make you aware, that Iron Man and Black Widow’s outfits do not differ from what they looked like in Iron Man 2. The concept art is astounding for all the characters and when finally released in its entirety, the concept art will make a large banner for ‘The Avengers’ which will be available on Marvel.com.

It may not seem like much, but it seems that The Avengers is trying to be as tight lipped about this film as DC is towards Christopher Nolan’s latest Batman film titled ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. I smell a competition a brewin’, and next summer’s box-office is going to be spectacular for these titans of the comic book industry!


It looks like someone out there is actually listening to us. Our opinions matter, folks! Unless you’ve recently been revived from a coma (which of course I’m glad your back), you missed out of the internet collectively ripping apart Wonder Woman’s ridiculous outfit for the new television series. Looks like the higher-ups have listened to our outcry because today we got a look at her new outfit. It’s one hell of an improvement.

Let’s just take in these improvements, shall we? Number one, her boots are red! Honestly, I don’t know who thought up having her pants and boots the same material and color; it looked awful and not flattering. As our Editor-in-Chief, Luke Gallagher puts it, “Her whole lower half looked like a choked smurf!” These boots are rockin’, and look, an appropriate heel for crime fighting! Seriously, no woman would fight crime in heels. Most loathe wearing them but know it makes their legs and ass look good so they suffer. Wonder Woman doesn’t need to suffer; she’s an Amazon beauty.

They changed the color and material for her pants, and thank goodness because I don’t know how she was going to move in that latex. These colors looks more patriotic, more American, which I know was something they wanted to veer away from but honestly, this looks really good. Maybe it’s because they showed us the abomination first, but I think this suit is the perfect hybrid of her iconic outfit from the comics melded with some real world sensibility. It’s still a little ridiculous; her top has no straps and she’s obviously required to do a lot of running but I guess I’ll have to suspend my disbelief. Just like the magic that’s suspending Adrianne Palicki‘s boobs.

[UPDATE! Video has been released from the UK’s  Telegraph showing Palicki in action as Wonder Woman. Watch her jump a car…almost. Regardless whether this is usable take or not I like what I’m seeing, I like how physical she is, and I like that Palicki seems to putting in a good deal of the work.]

Love the new outfit or are you just pleased she’s not in baby blue, shiny latex? Let us know after the jump as well as check out a gallery of Wonder Woman in action. Plus learn what Hawkeye‘s outfit will be in The Avengers and get new info on Hulk‘s heroics.