He-Man and The Masters of Universe

Sony Pictures Entertainment and Escape Artists, two companies that have come together to make such films as Seven Pounds and The Pursuit of Happyness, have recently announced a list of non-Will Smith movies they plan to make together. I won’t bore you with anything other than the two that caught our eye. (If you want to read about remakes of Swedish movies or vacant comedies, try googling ‘s#!t Nerd Bastards doesn’t care about‘)

First, how about Denzel Washington in a adaption of the 80’s action television series The Equalizer. If you don’t know the show (it did run for only 4 seasons, and those ran before a lot of you were born) daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn I think they might be making a good call here.  Weird, but good. The Equalizer was about an aging vigilante in New York with a mysterious past and even more mysterious vaguely British accent. (here is the TV intro) Now get out your trusty grain of salt because the press release states it is being developed with Denzel ‘in mind‘. That’s industry speak for ‘can someone please ask him for us?’

The other project of note? Master’s of the Freakin’ Universe, baby (aka, Masters of the Universe) and it is about damn time. I know the property has at the bejubus beat out of it. Yes, the original action figure/comic book/cartoon combo from the 80’s was great, but after the live action movie, a couple of  cartoons and some lame toys (seriously, He-Man, with short hair..? Screw you.)

I know it’s really not a lot to go on, but I am excited at even the thought of these two projects. Hell, I half want to send Sony $18 bucks purely from the enjoyment I extracted from reading their vagueness.


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Welcome bastards to another installment of NerdBastards’ weekly DVD Tuesday feature. We list what came out today and recommend if it’s either a BUY, RENT, or PASS. We got two release for you to check out.

After that, we got three releases for you to check out for the TV Show DVD that features a certain doctor during a certain holiday, a classic sci-fi show making it presence known in the world of Blu-Ray, and a certain character that has the power. Also included is the Hidden Gem (or Crap) of the Week, which is just another way for me to highlight a certain straight to DVD release.

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Luke is the He-Man fanatic around here.  I never really got into the whole He-Man craze when it first aired.  It wasn’t until the Masters of the Universe movie came out that I got interested.  Well, interested in Meg Foster.  Oh Evil-Lyn, you can mind control me anytime.


Nate Cash put together a great little animated Holiday Special for He-Man.  Watching the video below is what got me thinking about Masters of the Universe, particularly on how it was nothing but one big product placement.

Regardless, one of the things I have always liked is when new artists take a crack at the old series and re-image older characters without losing the originals feel.  Click the jump to check out some of my favorite He-Man makeovers.


If Cartoons Were Real


I pretty much watch cartoons and wrestling (yeah I’m 23 and it’s awesome watching stuff like that). The great thing about cartoons is that it’s just another format of story telling and is capable of doing things we can’t do in real life. However, we all have asked the question sometime in our life, and that question is “What if cartoon’s were real?” Well, the folks over at Smosh put together this video that answers the question. Ranging from South Park to Captain Planet, to Pokemon to Dragon Ball Z, we get to see many cartoons interpreted into real life. Check the video out if ya want some few laughs.

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6 Questionably Gay He-Man Characters

Ah, He-Man and The Masters of The Universe. A classic 80’s cartoon that’s success was equaled by its massive and popular toyline. Sadly, most people think of He-Man – and all that is associated with it –  as one big innuendo for homosexuality. Geeze, a main character that walks around in a pink shirt and purple pants who has a fabulous secret and happens to play with his sword a lot – honestly, I dunno where people get the idea that he’s gay. But I digress. This list really isn’t about He-man per say, it’s about 6 other characters of the He-manverse that are a little less subtle with their homo-erotic overtones.
Please note this is not gay bashing. We at Nerd Bastards fully support the gay community. We are just pointing out the unsubtle homosexual subtext of the characters….and totally makin’ fun of it.



The one thing Hollywood loves to do is to get a franchise from our childhood and make it a live action movie and most of the time, we end up crying what happens… well I cry. Anyways, after some ups and down with the movie project it seems that Columbia Pictures may have found its writers for the movie. Those two writers Michael Finch and Alex Litvak, the two who wrote the upcoming Rodriguez Predators movie. The pitch they threw that got them the gig was that they can prove that it can be cinematic while keeping true to the characters of the franchise to keep Mattel happy. It looks like it’s heading at the right direction with these two as the writers since the upcoming Predators movie looks freaking awesome and they probably could have gotten writers . What do you guys think, do you think is a good move towards a Masters of the Universe movie or will no power of Greyskull will save it?

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Unless you folks don’t know by now, I’m a full on He-Man and The Masters of The Universe fan. You know, the blond, muscular, “I Have The Power” dude from the classic cartoon and corresponding toy line? More so than not, people remember He-Man as being gay. With characters like Beast Man, Ram Man and ahem… Fisto, I can’t say I blame them. I’ve done all I can do to convince myself that He-Man is not gay. To accept it after all these years would perhaps make me question my sexuality. Well I might as well start batting for the other team because at this point there is no arguing against the rainbow-esque gayness of He-Man. Enter the art of Adrian Reimann. He has given He-Man and his fellow Master of The Universe sidekicks a modern make over; and by make over I mean a Marc Ecko, indie/hipster fashion motif. Ya know what, just bring on the cock cause there is no defending against this. As I post these pictures I cry but it is for your amusement, so enjoy.Click after the jump for more illustrations