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Is A New ‘Heavy Metal’ Cartoon Film Coming?


Heavy Metal is a science fiction magazine with an amazing propensity for depicting covers with warrior women in sexy situations. If reading about ultra-violent fantasy and nakedness isn’t your thing, maybe get in that long line over there for the 1981 movie of the same name. Produced by Ivan Reitman and H.M. mag publisher Leonard Mogel, the animated flick was a cult hit and sported a head-banging soundtrack. It was an anthology adaptation of its newsstand roots. Years later, we saw Heavy Metal 2000, which didn’t perform well and wasn’t based on any stories from the zine. Fast-forward to 2011 and enter Robert Rodriguez. He bought the rights to the movie franchise and put Quick Draw Studios on the job. But the question is, will it show on TV or in movie theaters? Does the awesome new poster featured on the next page clue us in? (more…)

The Heavy Metal comic books and movies have always been known for their display  of big guns, big boobs, ultra violence and rock anthems that melt your face off.  Would you expect anything less from the upcoming Heavy Metal TV show?

Wait… there’s a Heavy Metal TV show? Yeah, it’s news to me as well. I had no idea this was in the works. I had heard of a possible live action adaptation from David Fincher, but TV series no.  Anyway, here’s a bone-crunching new trailer from the French sci-fi fantasy comic Metal Hurlant (aka Heavy Metal) Chronicles.

Meh, South Park’s Heavy Metal episode, Major Boobage , looked better.  Regardless, there’s some great action/stunts and fairly decent effects (for a TV series) so it’s worth a watch.

The series will be broken up into two 12-episode seasons featuring 30-minute episodes. Some of the actors involved with the series include Rutger Hauer, Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White, Kelly Brook, James Marsters, Joe Flanigan, Michelle Ryan, and David Belle.

Here’s a description of the series:

In the lineage of fantastic series such as Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits, Metal Hurlant Chronicles is the adaptation of the world renowned magazine of the same name. Discover the live versions of these exceptional comics by the writers of X MEN , BATMAN , SPIDERMAN , IRON MAN , GI JOE , STAR WARS , SUPERMAN, BLADE etc,… Fitted for the international market, each episode is 26 minutes long an is composed of one story involving Action, Heroic Fantasy, Science Fiction in english, directed by Guillaume LUBRANO.

Source: Live For Films

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ABOVE: A Pokemon/Gundam mashup? We deserve this anime. Who wound’t want to see Pokemon with their own mechanical enhancements squaring off against other giant mechs!? Think of the all the adorable bloodshed! (Nerd Approved)


Way back at Comic Con 2010, we learnt that Paramount Pictures acquired the film rights to Last Man Standing: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter. Published in Kevin Eastman‘s current incarnation of the magazine Heavy Metal it is the time honored tale  (according to the trade) that’s “set 600 years in the future, follows an invincible soldier created to help Earth win a war against Mars. After becoming a celebrity hero, he’s framed for a heinous crime by a terrorist organization. After a nine-year prison sentence, he escapes and sets out to even the score.”

Basically it’s the sci-fi action movie we’ve seen multiple times. The good news is, this one might be in good hands. Variety is reporting that David Leslie Johnson (Orphan, Red Riding Hood, The Walking Dead, Wrath of the Titans) is on tap to write the screen play.

“a character bible and prologue book that introduces you to Gabriel, the hero of our story, as he personally unravels to his audience the intricacies of his world, set in a time-transcending and parallel universe that is inhabited by a roster of colorful and deadly characters. Join Gabriel in his quest for revenge and the journey he will embark on by traveling through more than 200 pages of history, character art, bios, and other forms of pleasure and pain.”

Personally I have not read the story, but I have heard a great deal of good things about it. With word that Scott Aversano producing along with the book’s creator, Daniel LuVisi, It must be in good hands, right? Peter Levin, Russell Binder and Stephan Lokotsch will executive produce.

File this under one to watch.

You can check out more at the books official website and a handy little (or rather large) infographic/preview after the jump


Today the internet was gifted yet another version of Game of Throne‘s opening theme. Up until now we’ve heard the heavy metal version, the violin version, the 8-bit version and even a techno remix. But now, we’ve got one with lyrics. Granted, there aren’t a lot of lyrics. In fact it’s only four words repeated over and over, but they work beautifully with the music. And I don’t think any other lyrical composition could so perfectly capture the show’s epic and equally frustrating style of storytelling.

This version of Ramin Djawadi‘s theme is fucking awesome. But what are some of the other great covers of Game of Throne‘s theme?


There’s this equally fucking awesome and hardcore heavy metal version from whitenoiselab,


Going for more of the rave, nightclub mood? Betcha never thought this sweeping theme would transition so well into trance. Just replace broad swords with light sabers.


If you’d like something softer, here it is on violin with all sections performed incredibly by Jason Yang,


What could be better than the theme performed beautifully on violin? How about the theme performed on violin and piano by the beautiful Lara, of Lara Plays Video Game Music. You might remember her from such internet videos as Lara Plays Might Morphin Power Rangers and Lara Plays Tomb Raider Theme and many more! Also, she performs many of these in costume. Shame she couldn’t find a dress or a suit of armor for this this video.


Speaking of video games, can you only imagine how awesome Game of Thrones would be as a classic, 8-bit or 16-bit video game? Just like the original Zelda or Gauntlet! It’d be so badass. Like these 8-bit and 16-bit versions of the theme,

Bonus! This 16-bit video comes with animations of just what a classic video game version, a la Final Fantasy, would look like were it based on Game of Thrones.


Stepping away from the tech world, here is a haunting rendition of the theme on nothing but a good ‘ole acoustic guitar from OggirtMoonfrad.


And finally, on what might be the nerdiest cover yet, I present the Game of Thrones theme on a recorder,

Well, it’s the nerdiest cover until someone performs the theme with a theremin. Come on, music nerds, get on this! Can’t believe I searched the web and didn’t find one version of the Game of Thrones theme on a theremin. I’m disappointed in you, internet.

Which was your favorite cover from our Game of Thrones Mixtape?

What Is “The Metal Hurlant Chronicles”?

You know, I really have to stop getting excited about things that will probably turn out to suck.

History time kids! -No wait, come back, it will be quick- Back in the mid 70’s a comic magazine by the name of Métal Hurlant (Howling Metal) began being published by the French. -No wait, come back, this is something cool they created. Like kissing and fries.- It was ground breaking, moral shaking and, just simply really cool for the time. Eventually it was adapted into an American version called Heavy Metal, that was much the same and great throughout the 80’s. Heavy Metal was adapted by Canadians into an animated movie by the same name in 1981 (which was awesome) and then in 2000 (Heavy Metal 2000 aka Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.²) by 50% of the TMNT creative time (and current owner, editor and publisher of the magazine) Kevin Eastman. The second Heavy Metal movie was not awesome.

Now? Word has it that that a live-action TV series based on Métal Hurlant went into production in France. A French-United Kingdom co-production. 24 half hour episodes to be broken up over two seasons, scheduled for European delivery in April 2012 and November 2012 respectively. Featured actors include Rutger Hauer, Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White, Joe Flanigan and James Marsters.

You may have lost me at ‘France’ but you had me at Rutger Hauer and Michael Jai White.

Let’s what the trailer! It’s after the jump.


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