Hellboy reboot

The upcoming R-rated reboot of Hellboy (Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen) is moving along. This time, instead of Del Toro, director Neil Marshall will take the reins of the film with Stranger Things’ David Harbour filling in Ron Pearlman’s big red shoes. Recently, Ian McShane was also cast as Professor Broom as well, so the movie’s coming along. The one thing missing so far was who was going to be Hellboy’s main big baddie. From the comics, one of Hellboy’s enemies was the Blood Queen, AKA Nimue the Lady of the Lake. But who could play the role with perfection, terror, and be able to be a conceivable threat against such a towering figure of Harbour? Lucky for us, it looks like we have found our Blood Queen…


For those of you that were holding out hope against hope that Mike Mignola‘s Facebook post the other day was a tease, and that there’s still a chance for the final chapter of Guillermo del Toro’s Hellboy trilogy, prepare to be greeted by some cold water. Not only was this not a “What If…” scenario by the Hellboy creator, but now one of the screenwriters on the project is speaking out in general terms about what people might be able to expect from the project. In short, Hellboy will be returning to his horror roots with something both “dark” and “more gruesome.” (more…)